Torchlight III Shares Some Details About Snow & Steam Update

Torchlight III Shares Some Details About Snow & Steam Update

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developers from Echtra Inc. have taken to Steam to detail Snow & Steam update coming to aRPG Torchlight III. This update focuses on new winter-themed item...

Torchlight III Switch Banner

Torchlight III Switch Quick Hit Review

Echtra Games‘ action RPG (ARPG) Torchlight III, though newly released, has had a bit of a torrid history. The game started out as a successor in the Torchlight game franchise series as Torchligh...

Children Of Morta Switch

Children Of Morta Switch Review

Children Of Morta (Switch) is an Action-RPG with Rogue-lite gameplay mechanics from developer Dead Mage Inc and published by 11-bit studios. It’s been out on PC for a month or so to rave reviews...

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Torchlight Frontiers Update 7 - Beast Buddies

Torchlight Frontiers Update 7 – Beast Buddies

Echtra Games shared the details about the upcoming update 7 that received the name Beast Buddies. The update has been pushed back to July 23rd, it will bring the biggest set of changes since the game ...

Torchlight 2 Comes To Switch, PS4 & Xbox One in September

Torchlight 2 Comes To Switch, PS4 & Xbox One in September

Perfect World Entertainment and Panic Button have announced that Torchlight 2 is coming to consoles! The game will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on September 3rd. Originally developed by...

HOB Definitive Edition

HOB Definitive Edition: Coming to the Switch, April 4th

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment alongside developer Runic Games just announced HOB Definitive Edition will be available on the Switch as of April 4th. HOB originally launched for the PlayStation...

Torchlight 2 returns to consoles this fall

As a wise professor once said, Good News everybody! Developer Runic Games along with publisher Perfect World Entertainment recently announced their plans to bring Torchlight 2 to consoles this fall. W...

Runic Games closed

The Night the Torchlight Went Out – Runic Games Closed

With Blizzcon taking up most of everyone’s weekend (understandably so) some of you may have missed a little bit of news in regards to Runic Games, the creative talent behind the award-winning To...

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