dreadlands beta code giveaway

Dreadlands Beta Code Giveaway

Get ready to win a Dreadlands Beta Code and jump into an online battleground where there is only one thing worth a dam. Prepare your baubles and blow something up as the Dreadlands Beta begins today. ...

kartrider drift x019

Kartrider: Drift Gets Off The Grid At X019

Kartrider: Drift, the latest installment of the high octane Kartrider game, has just been announced at X019 and you can grab the wheel in the closed beta. Published by eastern giant Nexon, the Kartrik...

yes your grace

Yes, Your Grace Steam Beta Coming Soon

Management simulators come in all shapes but Yes, Your Grace is about to bring a little class to the genre when it launches a Steam beta on 15 November. Developed by Brave all Night and published by N...

fleet carrier elite dangerous

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Grounded For Six More Months

Fans of Elite Dangerous have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of Fleet Carriers into the game but it looks like they are going to be stuck in space dock for another six months. I can just about ...

Escape from Tarkov - Devs Are Preparing a Major Update

Escape from Tarkov – Devs Are Preparing a Major Update

The team from Battlestate Games is hard at work on the upcoming patch 0.12 coming to the online shooter Escape from Tarkov beta. According to the developers, it is going to be the biggest patch for Es...

gwent mobile

Gwent Deals Out A New Hand in iOS Beta

Gwent is coming to Apple phones, and fans of the Witcher inspired card game from CD Projekt Red can get in and play an early hand as the iOS beta begins on 15 October. The Nilfgaard, Skellige, Norther...

runescape mobile

Runescape Mobile Is Coming This Year

Runescape, the long-standing MMORPG from Jagex is about to join you on your own adventures. The UK developer has confirmed that Runescape is jumping off your desktop and into your pocket later this ye...

planet zoo beta

Planet Zoo Roars Into Beta

Things might be about to get hairy as Planet Zoo launches its first beta test. Frontier’s newest adventure gets wild from now until early October. No More Lion Around Fans of theme park simulators don...

year of rain

Year of Rain Closed Beta Begin Today

Year of Rain, the team-based real-time strategy from Deadalic Entertainment opens the gates to Closed Beta Testers today and they’ve even upped the number of available spots so you could still be in w...

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