Wayfinder Echoes Launch

Wayfinder Echoes Steam Launch is an Epic Respawn

The Wayfinder Echoes Steam launch is live, bringing Airship Syndicate’s MMO back as a co-op dungeon ARPG. Wayfinder is finally back and the battle against the Gloom is live today. The return of ...

Wayfinder Sales - wayfinder stands on a path

MMORPG Wayfinder Sales Stop But The Game Isn’t Over

Developer Airship Syndicate have announced that Wayfinder sales are now paused across PC and PlayStation. The team behind Wayfinder have announced that eager heroes won’t be able to pick up Wayfinder ...

Wayfinder Performance patch - character stands in front of a purple portal

Wayfinder Performance Is Going To Level Up In Patch

A Wayfinder performance and optimization patch is coming the new minted MMO. Airship Syndicate has just confirmed that Early Access MMO Wayfinder is about to get a bunch of improvements that will make...

work in wayfinder - a picture of the job board

Check The Job Board Preview and Get To Work In Wayfinder

Airship Syndicate has announced a Job Board, so you can get to work in Wayfinder right now! MMORPG Wayfinder already had a new update. As 2024 opens and the chill of winter thaws, players are getting ...

Wayfinder - Taking a Look at 2023 & Beyond

Wayfinder – Taking a Look at 2023 & Beyond

Developer Airship Syndicate shared a brief video in which community manager Alex Campbell took a glimpse at what 2023 meant for MMORPG Wayfinder and what awaits the game in 2024. “Wayfinder has ...

Wayfinder winter eventide screenshot of player character in a frozen cave

Wayfinder Sleighs Bugs and Launches Eventide

Wayfinder version 0.2 has arrives and unwrapped an Eventide full of seasonal events. Wayfinder, the Early Access MNMO from Airship Syndicate, has unveiled its first set of seasonal updates in version ...

Wayfinder Delay - character stands above a city skyline

Wayfinder Cut by Warframe Publisher

Warframe publisher Digital Extremes has announced a round of layoffs that include cutting ties with Wayfinder. In announcements last night it seems that the studio behind Warframe has joined the bandw...

Call of the Void - player with new weapon stands in the void dungeon

Call of the Void Comes To Wayfinder

Wayfinder, the other MMORPG from Digital Extremes, just launched its first mid-season updated, Call of the Void. Following an eventful Launch, developer Airship Syndicate has dropped an entirely free ...

grendel stands in the shadows with an axe that is on fire

Wayfinder Drop Character Trailer for Grendel

Wayfinder just released a new character teaser during Toyko Game Show to introduce Grendel A whirlwind of speed and fury is coming to Wayfinder. Airship Syndicate just dropped a new character teaser d...

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