Wayfinder Drop Character Trailer for Grendel

Wayfinder just released a new character teaser during Toyko Game Show to introduce Grendel

A whirlwind of speed and fury is coming to Wayfinder. Airship Syndicate just dropped a new character teaser during Tokyo Game Show, revealing Grendel. The glimpse into what’s coming follow the same format as recent addition Venomess, introducing both via an animated short and giving us a hint at their backstory. More information is due to come soon, with a full reveal of this behemoth promised at the close of this trailer.

While we don’t know much about Grendel yet, we an see that this looming presence is likely to dominate your screen. More likely to save the gold than save the world, this is more of a mercenary than the choices we’ve seen so far. The information on display seems to indicate that Grendel is possibly going to slot into a melee berserker role, though we can’t be totally sure. He’s seen wielding a huge fiery axe during the short encounters on screen too.

If you missed the launch of Wayfinder and worry that this means you’re falling behind, don’t. Wayfinder is a gorgeous new MMORPG that’s still in Early Access testing. Set in a world where you’ll resurrect iconic heroes to fight an encroaching Gloom, this MMO has had some very positive reception in early previews. After a bit of a rough start to the server opening earlier this year, the title has gone on to stabilize and players can jump in ahead of the full release for as little as $20 or local equivalent. Check out more about Wayfinder over at the official website before Grendel comes stomping into battle.

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