WoW Classic Hardcore Shared Some Death Stats

Developer Blizzard Entertainment shared a new WoW Classic Hardcore video to shed some light on players’ inglorious deaths and their main reasons. While some heroes of Azeroth did indeed perish in battle against evil, many failures were much more mundane.

“World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore went live on August 24th, and since then Death has permanently claimed almost 3 MILLION characters! Watch to find out how many deaths the each of the top 10 deadliest things in Azeroth are responsible for. And if you’re one of Hardcore’s 3 million fallen champions, remember, you can always re-roll and get back in there!”

So what are the top-10 deadliest things in Azeroth? Let’s check it out!

  • #10 – Kobold Tunneler. You no take candle! These critters killed 28,437 fledgling heroes.
  • #9 – Porcine Entourage, players’ introduction to being stun-locked. The pigs claimed 29,039 lives.
  • #8 – Drowning. Oh the joys of being a Forsaken… 33,277 deaths.
  • #7 – Other players. Kill count: 34, 894. New faction war arc incoming?
  • #6 – Defias Pillagers have snuffed out 35,070 young adventurers. Revenge for Edwin VanCleef!
  • #5 – Wendigo. Kill count: 35,091.
  • #4 – Defias Trapper, coming hand-in-hand with the Pillagers. Kill count: 40,715.
  • #3 – Voidwalker Minion. For the Legion! Kill count: 44, 891.
  • #2 – Kobold Miner, the upgraded version of the Kobold Tunneler. Kill count: 67, 717.
  • #1 – Falling. The Light? The Void? No, the deadliest force on Azeroth is gravity. Nerf the elevator boss! Kill count: 74,273.
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