WoW Classic

WoW Classic is Getting Paid Character Transfers

WoW Classic is Getting Paid Character Transfers

The developers from Blizzard have taken to the official World of Warcraft site to share a new blog post announcing that WoW Classic paid character transfers are now available to players, allowing them...

WoW Classic

WoW Classic is Classic for a Reason

Should Blizzard Release WoW the Burning Crusade? The new release of World of Warcraft Classic was a major hit, but should Blizzard push the envelope with a remastered Burning Crusade? A string of erro...

WoW Classic

Two instanced PvP battlegrounds now out in WoW Classic

For WoW Classic fans who aren’t content with open world PvP of their rivals, Blizzard has good news. Two instanced battlegrounds have now descended into the game. Both Warsong Gulch and Alterac ...

WoW Classic

How WoW Classic builds on an already successful platform

It suffices to say that it`s only natural as a gamer to switch between games. If we didn’t, we’d surely miss out on new games, right!? That same principle applies to the original World of ...

WoW Classic

Free realm transfers announced for WoW Classic

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that a round of free realm transfers will be coming to WoW Classic. The service will not be available for all Classic realms, but only “select realms” ...

Are Gaming Companies Using Social Media To Harm Players Deliberately?

Two weeks ago I touched on the subject “Are Gamers Overacting to Games Being Cited As Too Violent?”  The intention was not to say this is the solution but to support starting conversations...

WoW Classic

WoW Classic launches with memories & queues

Fans of retro gaming and MMORPGs are probably already aware, but in case you live under a gaming rock, you might not know that WoW Classic has officially launched. That’s right: It’s back ...

Military & Veterans Gamers Group

Military & Veteran Gamers Group hosting WoW Classic launch day charity stream

One of our favorite groups of folks is getting ready for yet another charity live stream event. The Military & Veteran Gamers Group is hosting a 24-hour World of Warcraft Classic launch party. The...

WoW Classic

Stormwind was built on rock’n’roll according to WoW Classic dev

The second episode of WoW Classic with the Creators is out and about. This time, Aaron Keller, one of the game’s original designers, speaks about his experiences as the designer and builder of m...

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