Lineage 2M Finds New Territory With Oren Update

Lineage 2M the stellar mobile MMORPG from NCSoft just received its first major update, adding the land of Oren to this on the go MMO.

Players who are busy stepping into adventure on a handheld screen since Lineage 2M hit western shores in December 2021 will be able to explore a brand new territory today. As of last night, Lineage 2M received its first major western update, opening up Oren for explorers. Players can expect to travel a continent draped in grassland, wetland, and snowy environments. New villains, extra monsters, and unique new challenges await anybody brave enough to enter this land, all ready to end your adventure or drop new loot.

Across areas like the Enchanted Valley and Sea of Spores, there’s the opportunity to unlock new resources and gear by defeating four of the game’s newest bosses, with more of these challenges coming soon. This isn’t the only planned update either. At the heart of Oren stands an imposing Ivory Tower, and while players can’t climb it quite yet, it’s due to unlock its secrets and surprises sometime in the near future. While players wait on this, NCSoft has announced a set of events to celebrate by giving players free gifts, including ‘Leah’s Golden Ticket,’ ‘Inheritor’s Gear Chest,’ ‘Oren’s Secret Chest,’ and more.

To check out more about the events and the new land of Oren, head over to the official Lineage 2M website now. Lineage 2M is available for free on both iOS and Android devices right now.

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