Wayfinder – Taking a Look at 2023 & Beyond

Developer Airship Syndicate shared a brief video in which community manager Alex Campbell took a glimpse at what 2023 meant for MMORPG Wayfinder and what awaits the game in 2024.

“Wayfinder has added 300% XP buffs 2,000+ fixes, performance optimizations, new hunts, new weapons and more since entering Early Access! Now is the perfect time to come check out the world of Evenor with friends.”

The game initially released into Steam Early Access on August 17th, 2023. Since then the developers have been hard at work collecting and incorporating player feedback to make Wayfinder the best game it can be. Two weeks ago the devs released update 0.2: Eventide that includes improvements to nearly every system of the game. The changes include:

  • Server & client performance gains
  • UI updates
  • 5 brand new weapons to earn in-game
  • Reworks of Senja and all ranged weapons
  • Awaken Wayfinders, by empowering them with increased stats and echo capacity while breaking past the level 30 cap
  • Combat and movement changes
  • The ability to use XP Caches to level alts faster
  • Exclusive new cosmetics earned in-game

Also in this update is Wayfinder’s first seasonal event. Spanning for 4 weeks, Eventide invites players to hop into the game for some festive holiday events. This event features a brand new quest chain, a new event boss, a seasonal expedition and dozens of challenges that players can complete to earn Revel Rubies which can then be exchanged for exclusive and festive cosmetics!

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