Snakebyte Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB review

snakebyte Mouse:Pad ultra rgb

PC gamers tend to consider their keyboard and mouse as their weapons of choice but backing up any kill stream is a great gaming surface. Today we unfurled the Snakebyte Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB.

Bring a little extra color to any gaming desktop, the Snakebyte Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB is the final axis in Snakebyte’s pc trinity. The smaller cousin of the version found in the Ultra:Bundle, this gaming surface is aiming to earn a place on your desktops and maybe brighten up the whole work from home situation for now. Starting from the ground up, the Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB takes the same gaming surface that Snakebyte’s Pro series mat has and adds some extra features that should mean it is suitable for high-performance esports as well as looking pretty.

  • Size: 36 x 28 cm
  • Surface: Low Friction Synthetic fabric
  • Non-Slip Rubber Underside
  • LED Lighting
  • 12 Lighting Modes
  • Braided Cable

mouse pad ultra rgb

Rolling On

Unfurling this mouse pad from its cardboard container for the first time, the Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB is a striking sight, as far as mousepads go. The synthetic gaming surface comes in at a decent 36 by 28 cm giving gamers more than enough room to rack up several mice, if you wish, without fighting for space among other clutter. The top side of the Game:Pad Ultra RGB is a synthetic fibre that gives a solid finish. A Snakebyte logo adorns the bottom left and isn’t particularly overbearing, in a manner that could be easily overlooked when the Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB’s lights kick in.

The integrated lighting element is solidly sown into the outer edge of this surface, while a neon yellow and black braided cable winds away from the top of the device. Really, the Snakebyte Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB might be for the fancy RGB brigade but it manages it with some subtlety. Little additions like the branded Snakebyte USB housing and the unassuming logo make this offering from Snakebyte distinctive without succumbing to any outlandish attention-seeking.

Simply RGB

The illuminated trim that surrounds the dark innards of the Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB adds an adequate amount of extra customization for any desk. 8 solid color options and 4 pre-programmed breathing configurations come bundled into the rim of this matt. Multiple lighting zones allow for a good range of variation and provide a dynamic edge to the lighting elements. Switching between the various modes is simple. Just hammer the big button at the crest of the Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB and watch the color wheel turn.

Missing Modes

This simplicity does come with its downsides. While the wholly integrated RGB lighting means the Snakybyte surface is completely portable and won’t clog up your desktop computer with another player of configuration software, it does mean that what you get is all you get. There are no additional colour configurations and no option to turn the lighting off, except pulling the USB out the back of and associated device. The lack of pass through USB ports on the matching Snakeybyte Key:Board Ultra mean that this gaming surface will also take up more peripheral space on your rig if you choose to pair the two. The lack of an integrated software suite, as we discussed with the other Snakyebyte Ultra devices, means that this collection can also feel a tad uncoordinated at times.

snakebyte mouse:oad ultra rgb review

However, taken on its own the Snakebyte Ultra RGB or the Snakebyte Ultra XL RGB are both solid purchases. Neither tries to take over with flashy gimmicks and they really are plug and play. The balance of function and flair here gives a nice highlight to any desk with a spare USB port while the surface material gives good response and consistent friction-free travel to any mouse it meets.

I’ll be keeping my Mouse:Pad Ultra RGB unfurled on my desk as long as the pink hue keeps working. Check out the Snakyebyte Mouse:Pad Ultra at the official Snkaebyte website now for €24.99.


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