Griftlands Comes to Early Access on June 15

Developer Klei announced that deck-building rogue-like Griftlands is launching Early Access on PC via both Epic Games Store and Steam on June 15. The game will be going for $14.99 but the price will be raised to $19.99 sometime during summer.

The most recent update coming with Early Access adds a new game mode that unlocks once you’ve completed Sal’s story at prestige zero. In Sal’s Brawl, you play through a series of quick encounters and boss fights, leading to a fight against Kashio. This mode focuses on quick deckbuilding and card play, and contains unique grafts with powerful effects.

  • New quests for Sal
  • New improvisation-based cards for Sal
  • New quest and boss RNG that takes recent run history into account to show you content you haven’t seen lately
  • Lots of fixes, balance tweaks, and UI improvements

You can find the entire patch notes here. The next update to the game will be coming out on June 25th.

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