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Dauntless Updated with Echoes of the Future

Dauntless Slayers have a lot of new content to explore thanks to the arrival of Echoes of the Future. In addition, Phoenix Labs and the community will be celebrating the game’s second anniversar...


New Infinite Radiance Season Begins in Dauntless

Later today, Phoenix Labs will be updating all versions of Dauntless to bring the Infinite Radiance season into the game. In addition, devs are promising a sneak peek at upcoming content thanks to the...


Dauntless Launches Solo Play

Phoenix Labs has launched the latest Dauntless update that includes a much-requested community feature. Players will now be able to take part in solo and/or private hunts. The patch also includes a nu...


Dauntless Dives Into a Deep Freeze Today

Later today, Dauntless will be receiving the Deep Freeze update across all available platforms. The content update brings a host of new content and feature improvements to players including a new Fros...


Dark Harvest Brings Thills & Chills to Dauntless

Phoenix Labs has announced the imminent arrival of the Dark Harvest festival in Dauntless. From October 26th to November 2nd, players can take part in a number of activities designed to send them thro...


Dauntless Launches Untamed Wilds

Phoenix Labs has announced another big addition to its flagship title, Dauntless. The Untamed Wilds update brings a host of new content to Slayers including a new Escalation, a wicked new Behemoth, an...


New Dauntless Update Reimagines Ramsgate Social Hub

Phoenix Labs has announced the release of the Clear Skies update to Dauntless that brings a number of new features into the game as well as a complete reimagining of the social hub, Ramsgate.  Other c...


Dauntless Devs Invite You to Slay Your Way to Stylish Rewards

From now through July 23rd, Dauntless players are invited to check out the latest Hunt Pass called Relics & Ruin. Devs have subtitled it as a way to “slay your way to stylish rewards”....

Dauntless - Call of the Void is Launching June 11

Dauntless – Call of the Void is Launching June 11

The developers from Phoenix Labs have taken to Twitter to announce that the latest update to Dauntless will be coming on June 11. Titled Call of the Void, it will take players into the Umbral Deeps, a...

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