Summer 2024 Will Shake Up the Dauntless Meta with the Shattered Isles Update

Summer 2024 Will Shake Up the Dauntless Meta with the Shattered Isles Update

Jordan Power, Product Lead with Phoenix Labs and the Dauntless team has posted a new article detailing some big changes coming to the Dauntless meta in Summer 2024. Among other things, players can expect a new, permanent progression system, combat upgrades, improved Behemoth behavior, enhanced core gameplay, system-wide upgrades, and much more. According to Power, the goal is to make the game the “very best it can be for all our slayers as our community continues to grow and evolve.”

Power reassures current players that between now and Summer 2024, there will still be plenty to do with fresh activities to keep Slayers busy.

  • New Gauntlet seasons and rewards
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Seasonal events (such as Saint’s Bond, Springtide, Dark Harvest, Ramsgiving, and Frostfall)
  • Bonus weekend events
  • Reward Cache updates
  • Weekly Trials rotations
  • Weekly Heroic Escalation rotations

For the foreseeable future before the game-changing update next year, developers will only be patching the game to fix major bugs as necessary. However, once The Shattered Isles update launches in 2024, the team will “return to our regular patch cadence” along with new Behemoths, gear, and other content.

The Shattered Isles Update

The post then moves to next year’s significant update with the first details about what slayers can expect.

The Shattered Isles will bring significant changes to the way you slay and progress with your gear. You’ll also be able to better enjoy the vibrancy of our world as we bring islands to life with bespoke encounters that visually and mechanically demonstrate the true threat Behemoths pose. Lastly, we want to provide you with an elevated player experience by offering a major overhaul of core systems and elegant UI updates.

  • Combat Enhancements
  • A new Progression System
  • Better encounters with more dynamic islands, better Behemoth behaviors, a new Hunt experience, and more
  • Quality of Life enhancements like fixing key bugs, balance passes, improved clarity and visual style, and much more

Grab all the details on the Dauntless official site and get ready for big changes to the meta.

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