Essential Workers Receive Meditation Game “Playne” For Free

Essential workers have been key during the world’s struggle as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues. However, these medical responders and educators are often over-burdened with stress during...


14 Fun and Productive Ideas To Keep You Charged Up During Quarantine

The sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus across the world has brought the world into a standstill. Due to social distancing, we have to stay indoors. But that shouldn’t ruin our summer, right? You can...


Still on Community Lockdown? Here are Some Movie Franchises to Binge Watch

When the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, almost all countries have announced lockdown. No business establishments were allowed to open, no public gatherings such as concerts or outings, no fitness ce...


Why Stay-at-Home Orders Have Been Great for Gaming

The video gaming industry has been one of the many to benefit from a gigantic increase in overall operations, with gaming sales in the United States reaching an apogee. While there are many forms of o...

devolver digital direct 2020

Devolver Digital Direct 2020 is ON!

Devolver Digital, the independent publisher behind some of the most bananas games of last year is bringing back its annual Devolver Digital Direct show for 2020. With a number of major gaming shows ta...

Guerrilla Collection Brand White

Guerrilla Collective Is A New Online Gaming Event

This June a collection of independent game companies will band together to bring us 3 days of gaming delight, called Guerilla Collective. Announced today, the Guerrilla Collective incorporates some of...

EVE Online

EVE Online Players Help Raise $100k to Fight COVID-19

A new update has been posted to the EVE Online site to inform the community about the most recent round of charity fundraising called “Plex for Good”. The most recent campaign has been cen...

tokyo game show cancelled

Tokyo Game Show Cancelled

Tokyo Game Show looks like the latest in a long line of gaming events cancelled by coronavirus. It is hardly going to come as a surprise to any of you reading this that the upcoming Tokyo Game Show ha...

How The Gaming Community Has Helped In The Fight Against COVID-19

You know the old stereotype of gamers, 13-year-old nerds and 25-year-old losers living in their parent’s basement. It’s sort of ironic that the people propagating the stigma that gaming is child’s pla...

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