14 Fun and Productive Ideas To Keep You Charged Up During Quarantine


The sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus across the world has brought the world into a standstill. Due to social distancing, we have to stay indoors. But that shouldn’t ruin our summer, right? You can still devote yourself to some relaxing, charming & productive activities to keep yourself busy.

Remaining 24/7 behind closed doors can be frustrating. Besides, the world is facing a pandemic crisis. Considering the current situation the melancholy is hard to deal with. But there are lots of positive aspects of quarantine. If you can find the right ones, your quarantine won’t be depressing at all. You can carry out lots of fun activities & self-skill developing tasks to make your days colorful.

This article is all about removing the gloominess & motivating you to look at the bright side. Try some of these activities to cheer yourself up during the quarantine-

1. Dive Into The Gaming World

We are never too old for video games and it’s never boring to sit back, relax, and enjoy some good old online multiplayer games. With all of our friends online, this seems to be the perfect time to put our headphones on, brush up on those gaming skills, and get lost in the world of gaming.

You can choose from so many games like Dota 2, Minecraft, The Elder scrolls, PUBG, Vlorant, and Apex Legends. These are just some of the currently popular multiplayer games but there are countless others that you can try.

For instance, how about the ever-popular League of Legends? You can even use aussyelo.com to buy a smurf account to get a head start.

Gaming can help reduce stress and anxiety but you shouldn’t be playing every day till the sun comes up either.


2. Take A Peek At The Bookshelf

After some intense button smashing sessions why not take things a bit slow?

Take a look at the shelf first and see if you have any unfinished books. Try finishing them now. The weather’s just fine. A cup of coffee & maybe some retro songs playing softly in the back will make things much more comfortable as you turn through pages and forget all about what time it was.

If you have no unfinished books, it’s the perfect time to start something new.

3. Host A Netflix Party

If you are a movie/series freak, then binge-watching entire seasons might just be your thing during this quarantine.

t Due to the pandemic, there will be a few new releases this year making it a good time to watch the old movies/series. There are lots of genres to cover. So, try different genres. You can also finish all the movies of your favorite actor/actress/producer during this quarantine.

And if you ever feel alone you can always invite your friends and host a Netflix party and have a virtual stay over.


4. Try New Cooking Recipes

Quarantine is the best time for you to start something new. Why don’t you try cooking? You probably have some skills in cooking and it’s time to brush it up!

There are lots of cooking lessons online to sharpen your cooking skills. You can easily enroll yourself in one or take help from YouTube. Lastly, the satisfaction that you will get once you have cooked something will be worth it.

5. Enroll In Online Courses

There are plenty of opportunities if you want to do something productive during this quarantine. Enrolling in online courses is one of them. Many websites like Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy, etc. are providing free online course facilities. You can select any topic of interest there and can enhance your knowledge.

6. Learn A New Language

Often you can find it boring learning a new language at schools or colleges. But the online language learning programs are fun.

If you have an interest in learning any other language than your mother tongue, go for it. Lots of online sites, live classes, blogs, podcasts & videos are available on the internet to help you. And being bilingual is actually pretty cool.


7. Learn A New Skill

You can try learning a new skill or sharpen a skill you already have. If you want to focus on your career, learning Excel, Microsoft Access, Powerpoint, etc. will be helpful. You can try learning a new coding language if you have the basic knowledge. Python, C++, etc. can be a good start.

If you want to nurture unorthodox skills, go for origami, painting, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, etc. Find something you enjoy and develop it every day.

8. Digitally Catch Up With Loved Ones

Who doesn’t love the company of friends & relatives? Due to the pandemic, it has become dangerous to meet with friends & relatives. But you can always keep close contact with them by making video calls. Various social media applications are out there which makes video calling very easy. Do some face-time meetups on Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, or even zoom to enjoy their company.

9. Start Blogging

To pass your leisure time effectively, you can start blogging. Writing on your favorite topics will give you comfort. Also, you can start a journal about your quarantine days’ experience.

You can also try podcasting. It’s helpful to enhance your communication & public speaking skills. You can even start writing a script for a movie or short film.


10. Make Video Content

I remember back in 2012 how everyone was making comedy skits for youtube and to this day that platform is as vibrant as ever. So why not use it? Make your own videos. Post funny skits, reaction videos, songs, or even your live game streams.

We also have the app TikTok that reached new popularity during this quarantine. People are being more creative than ever in creating quality content. Join the bandwagon and you may become viral overnight just with one video.

11. Backyard Camping

The summer always tempts us with camping ideas. But you shouldn’t be disheartened because of the pandemic. You can set up a camp in your backyard with your younger or older siblings  & enjoy it. A backyard BBQ party just for the family is also a good idea

12. Complete DIY Activities

There can be lots of little things around your house that need attention. You can always paint your room or the corridor, water the plants or grow some new ones, fix the bulbs, etc. Once you start giving attention, you will find that there are a number of projects needed to be done around the house.

Let your creative juices flow and start by making small arts and crafts.


13. Don’t Forget To Workout

Workouts will keep your body in shape. There’s no other alternative to exercises if you want to stay fit. Besides, remaining in the house 24/7 will make you bulky. So, don’t miss out on those as workouts ensure proper circulation of blood.

14. Volunteer in COVID-19 work

Last but not least, it’s essential to be aware of the signs and treatments of COVID-19. It’s undoubtedly important to create awareness among the mass people. Many institutions are providing short-term training for COVID-19. You can take part in any of those & be of some help to others.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know what’s happening in the outside world. But it is also important to take care of one’s mind and body. Reduce your daily media consumption if you ever feel anxious or stressed out then try a few of the activities we talked about above to make the best out of this quarantine.

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