How to Start Streaming Video Games Professionally

It is the dream of many gamers out there to be able to make a living just by playing games and there are tons of people from all over the world who are making a living just by following their passion....


Earning While Playing: Ways to Make Money Through eSports

When people think of making money while gaming, their first thought is usually to play casino games. While those are great options, there are also other exciting ways you can turn your eSports and vid...


What to Expect from the eSports Industry in 2022

It is obvious that there is so much headed towards eSports in 2022. The news, top personalities, game players, and everyone seem to be saying a lot about what to expect and the extent to expect it. Fa...

Video Game Trailer

How to Monetize Your Gaming Hobby

In today’s world, there are many possible ways to earn money, but the best way is the one that meets the hobby. Most people love gaming, but due to financial pressure/ burden, they leave playing and s...

trovo logo

StreaElements Adds Trovo But Will Streamers Ditch Twitch?

StreaElements has jsut added the Trovo streaming service to its list of supported platforms, meaning it is just a little bit easier for streamers to ditch Twitch. For anybody who hasn’t been pay...

Life Is Strange: True Colors Twitch Crowd Choice - protagonist in a book store

Viewers Get Control With The Life Is Strange: True Colors Twitch Crowd Choice Extension

Streamers and online exhibitionists can let go of the wheel and allow their viewers to take control as Square Enix announce the Life Is Strange: True Colors Twitch Crowd Choice extension, ahead of the...


Everything You Must Know About Twitch Before Starting Out

Twitch is something delightful – the live streaming stage has made an enormous local area of content makers where you’re allowed to do pretty much anything. What’s more, it’s a...


Twitch Falls Under Growing Criticism

The popular streaming platform Twitch has become the home of some of the biggest content creators in the world and has a huge influence over gaming as a whole – a successful release for a new title ca...


Twitch Makes Ten: Here’s How Streaming Has Transformed Gaming in a Decade

Video gaming on Twitch is becoming more and more popular by the year. If you play video games then there’s no doubt that you have watched a few live streams during your time. The main thing to note is...

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