Poly Bridge 2

With Poly Bridge 2, Building Bridges is an Art

Dry Cactus has announced that Poly Bridge 2 is now available for PC players via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. PB2 is a follow up to the original game that has sold over three million copies to ...

Guerrilla Collection Brand White

Guerrilla Collective Is A New Online Gaming Event

This June a collection of independent game companies will band together to bring us 3 days of gaming delight, called Guerilla Collective. Announced today, the Guerrilla Collective incorporates some of...


How to Get Noticed on Twitch

If you are unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s an app and site that is designed to let other players watch and interact with you as you stream your live gameplay. This combination of high-quality gamep...

warzone wednesday

Keem Players Ready For Warzone Wednesday Once Again

Warzone Wednesday is back on Twitch, and it’s about to blow up your Wed.. Monday Night! The hugely popular mid-week Warzone brawl is hosted by Keempark and is back two nights early as pros take ...

10 Alternatives To Gaming During Quarantine

Are you bored yet? A couple of weeks of COVID quarantine sounded like a great way to catch up on some of your gaming backlogs, at least until stay at home orders became a reality and businesses starte...

TwitchCon Amsterdam Cancelled

Twitch announced today that due to concerns over the Coronavirus they have decided to cancel TwitchCon Amsterdam. While this is disappointing for those who were planning to go, it is overall a smart d...

Crunchyroll Awards Anime Marathon

A Crunchyroll Awards Anime Marathon Is Happening Now

If you didn’t have enough anime today, the Crunchyroll Anime Awards is hosting five full days of back to back anime across Twitch and Facebook and it’s on right now. If you didn’t already have e...

New Years Resolutions

10 New Year’s Resolutions For Gamers

We’re only a week into 2020 and a couple of my new year’s resolutions have already fallen to the wayside. I’m not quite ready to give up after just a few days, but it is time to re-evaluate where to f...

escape from tarkov twitch

Escape From Tarkov Tops Twitch

Escape From Tarkov, a looter shooter that’s been under development for the last couple of years by the relatively small Battlestate Games, is topping Twitch thanks to a holiday event. In case you miss...

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