Pilot A Real Life Mech With Mech Arena MechsAreHere Event

Pilot A Real Life Mech With Mech Arena MechsAreHere Event

Plarium has just announced a brand new Mech Arena event where players can compete to pilot a real life mech suit. Plarium, the team you might otherwise know for their Raid Shadow Legends commercials, ...

summer games done quick

Summer Games Done Quick Raised More Than $2.8 Million

Summer Games Done Quick wrapped up this weekend and the charity streaming event broke its own online record by raising more than $2.8 million. Thanks to the generous donations of the public, Summer Ga...

Non-Profit Leyline Empowers Gamers to Change the World

With the world in the midst of a global pandemic and with a host of other issues facing humanity, a group of individuals is introducing a new non-profit organization called Leyline. It is said to be a...

Fall Guys Skins For One Million Dollars

Fall Guys Skins For One Million Dollars

With Fall Guys riding a wave of PC gaming hype right about now, we now know how much it costs to get a custom skin in Fall Guys, a cool million dollars. Don’t worry this isn’t a cynical cash grab on t...

fall guys

Play Fall Guys, Survive The Knockout, and Win $5000!

While the recent release of Fall Guys has inspired some wonderful chaos in the front room, it looks like the inevitable has happened and an esports style Fall Guys tournament is about to happen. While...

bundle for racial justice Bundle For Racial Justice Passes $2 Million

After launching a massive bundle offer to aid causes centred on racial justice, an has raised over $2 million in just just a few days. Kicking off their campaign on June 6, has manage...


Lyida Brings A Fragile Childhood Tale To Switch

Based on developer Platonic Partnership’s own memories of childhood, Lydia is about to bring a tale of childhood trauma to Nintendo Switch. Following in the same vein as war bound tales of woe, such a...


Gamers & Entrepreneurs Unite To Change The World One Tree At A Time

The season of giving thanks is upon us and just last week Children’s Mercy Hospitals main event “Extra Life,” held their official game day making this week the perfect time to dive i...


Control Is Out Now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One

Control, the supernatural adventure from Remedy Games is out now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Following on from developer Remedy Game’s previous title, Control takes place in a world that is no...

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