Pilot A Real Life Mech With Mech Arena MechsAreHere Event

Plarium has just announced a brand new Mech Arena event where players can compete to pilot a real life mech suit.

Plarium, the team you might otherwise know for their Raid Shadow Legends commercials, have just dropped a brand new MechsAreHere event in their online 5 v 5 robotic arena brawler. This sci-fi shot em up might already be available on iOS and Android but pilots are about to get a chance to step off the digital grid and into a real life mech suit if they are good enough.

As part of the new digital festivities, this new event will challenge participants to take apart the opponent’s mech by the bucketload. By signing up and shooting first, players can rise through the ranks and potentially win one of 10 invitations to the Mech Arena Championship on 16 December where they’ll face off against teams of world-famous content creators. The winning team gets the ultimate prize – the opportunity to pilot a real-life mech. The top tier prizes don’t just include entry into this final stage of the competition, they also drop early access to Mech Arena’s upcoming new Mech – Stalker – along with an exclusive Mech Arena Care Package shipped right to your door, featuring a personalized Mech Arena football jersey, an exclusive Mech figurine, an A-Coin, poster, art book, and an invite to the Mech Arena Championship on December 16.

Alongside the big prizes, Plarium has added a ton of other loot for players. Anybody destructive enough will be in the running for one of 100 Epic Prize Packs – Exclusive in-game content including 50 Blueprints, 2 Prodigy Crates, and 100,000 Credits. Anybody lucky enough to live by Santa Monica will also be able to take a stop by the pier to snake around the scattered remnants of a spectacular Mech battle, picking up physical merch between 3 – 5 December.

Players aren’t the only ones who are going to benefit from this uptick in explosive activity either. Plarium has promised to support AbleGamers. A charity that helps make video games more accessible for players who can’t use the same mass market controllers and systems that many of us are lucky enough to wield. By just registering and blowing up mechs, Plarium will donate $10,000 to AbleGamers for every 100 million Mechs destroyed worldwide – up to a massive $100,000.

If you haven’t experienced Mech Arena yet, then the name says it all. This free to play mobile battle puts players into multiplayer combat, wielding giant mechanized weapons to take down their opponents, and for now, helping charity. Please do note that you’ll have to be a U.S. resident to win big, but you can still help blow some stuff up from anywhere. Check out more on the official Mech Arena website now.

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