Ocean’s Heart Finds Adventure On The Nintendo Switch - tilla fights a giant bird boss

Ocean’s Heart Finds Adventure On The Nintendo Switch

Ocean’s heart, an action RPG that appeals to anybody used to sharpening Link’s sword, is coming to the Nintendo Switch In February. Due to set sail on 10 February, Ocean’s Heart is an action RPG that ...

Video Games 1

The Highest Grossing Video Games Of The Decade

The video game industry continues to grow as many people play video and casino games on sites like https://www.xn--casinopnett-38a.org/nettcasino-omtaler/. Day in day out and there are several best-se...

Movie Adaptation

Best Games that Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Video-game films have long been jokes for good reason: many box office failures were the result of several of the initial attempts to translate digital media to the silver screen. Filmmakers are encou...

Video Games

Sequels Top the List of The Most Awaited Games Coming Out This Year

Time has proven that when we like something we want more of it. This has long been proven with movies wherein sequels have been made for their hooked audience. Now, even our favorite games have sequel...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Announced

Last Night Nintendo confirmed that it is bringing back a Wii Zelda classic with Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Last night Nintendo dropped a new direct to audiences update on what to expect this year, and w...

Chronos: Before the Ashes

Chronos: Before the Ashes PC Review

Action RPGs have great potential to transport us to other worlds, injecting our brains with shots of dopamine from leveling up, loot, and puzzles. Dark Souls and Zelda are great examples of how the ge...

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Top 5 Nintendo Games of The 90’s Ranked

Nintendo enjoyed a magical era in the 90s. It made giant strides with games during the period under review. That is why we are looking at 5 of their best titles from that milieu. Video games have prog...

10 Yummy Pies Inspired by Video Games

March 14th marks the celebration of Pi Day in every high school math and chemistry classroom in the US. So, obviously, we celebrate with pie. There are tons of talented bakers in the gaming universe t...

Nintendo fireside asmr video

Nintendo Dropped A Hot New Fireside Video

It seems that Nintendo is in a jolly spirit with a hot new fireside video that is just in time for the holiday season. Pull up a chair, slouch into your comfiest sweats, and pour a soothing drink this...

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