Nintendo Dropped A Hot New Fireside Video

It seems that Nintendo is in a jolly spirit with a hot new fireside video that is just in time for the holiday season.

Pull up a chair, slouch into your comfiest sweats, and pour a soothing drink this isn’t the same type of hot take that we normally report on. Instead, Nintendo has uploaded an ASMR friendly experience featuring a warm hearth and trip into Zelda: Link’s Awakening. As the fire crackles in the background, the star of this half-hour of relaxation wanders through the Mysterious Forest and then switches things up with a jaunt through Super Mario Odyssey. There’s no need to worry, the volume is consistently quiet and the whole experience is certainly more downbeat than your average Dr. Disrespect Tiwtch Stream.

The Sights and Sounds playlist isn’t new to Nintendo. Their Youtube channel already hosts videos like the one below. The relaxing Hike With Zelda Breath Of The Wild is a much shorter one minute and forty-two-second experience. Featuring the whisper of nature in the background, this video is not quite the same comfort as the Switch centric fireplace ASMR experience.

The latest addition to the Sights & Sounds playlist, this is a very Nintendo take on the ongoing rise of the fireplace video phenomenon. Most of us don’t have room for our very our gamer cave fireplace and the nearest we’re going to get is a quick game of Hearthstone or a 4k Fireplace screensaver. Now you can get your gaming fix while away at the relatives and relax at the same time. Check out the hottest video you’ll see during the holidays above and melt into a warm pool of relaxed person now. Alternatively check out, all the awsome other Switch titles that you could grab, here at Gamespace.


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