Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Has An English Trailer

It’s not long since details emerged surrounding Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore. Now western audiences have the low down on this musical RPG thanks to a new trailer with English subs.

Coming not long after the Japanese introduction to this cool looking new creation, the latest trailer takes western players on a tour of the concept which combines two very different properties in a game that forges a new meaning for the term “killer moves”. The trailer features the Japanese voice cast and introduces the game’s main players, such as Tsubasa Oribe, Kiria Kurono, and my personal favorite Barry. It explains the basic narrative behind the series, where a group of budding talents perform to save the world with the power of Performa. This is a JRPG remember.

Almost Never

The amalgamation of Atlus and Fire Emblem forces in a musical misadventure isn’t an entirely new idea. A risky concept, that took some time to gain any traction and even faltered on its first start, the coming together of these very different franchises first released in 2015 on WiiU. While anything that released onto Nintendo’s precursor to the Switch faced a horrid start, the game did reasonably well with critics. The encore version of the title should allow potential fans of both franchises to get in on a very unique franchise. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore also adds a bunch of new elements this time around. Players should find new costumes, songs, encounters, and dungeon battles to keep them entertained.

If you love musical mayhem or just need a Love Live game then this JRPG is possibly the closest you’re going to get while battling some epic monsters. Uncover the mysteries of the Idolshpere by checking out the trailer of heading over to the official Nintendo website for more details now.


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