Cross-Platform Competitive Shooter Aftercharge Gets January 10th Release

Chainsawesome Games is about to launch their iridescent competitive shooter Aftercharge on Xbox One and Windows PC on January 10th.   In Aftercharge, teams of three will be pitted against must either ...


Switchblade Races into Early Access This August

While Fortnite has been busily building an enormous fanbase and PubG just passed a cool million downloads, not everyone has given up on the MOBA quite yet. On 28 August, Lucid Games is planning to bri...

The Cycle

Meet Yager’s Next Game – The Cycle

Yager Development, the studio behind such projects as Spec Ops: The Line and Dreadnought, announced a new game that will soon enter alpha testing. Called The Cycle, the project is a match-based FPS wh...

Quake Champions Free on Steam for another week

Headshots, frags and epic announcers are generally the terms that come to mind when I think of Quake multiplayer! As a long time fan of the franchise, I was excited to hear that Quake Champions was of...


Atlas Reactor Season 5 Begins with New Freelancer

Trion Worlds has sent word that Atlas Reactor has been updated and that competitive Season 5 has started. The update also comes along with a new Freelancer named Vonn the Scion of Ice. Players can als...


John Boyega to Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Nov 15th

The Last Jedi star, John Boyega, obviously hasn’t got enough Star Wars in his life. On Wednesday, November 15th, Boyega will be on the Mixer XBox Channel at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern to...


Battlerite Exits Early Access & Goes F2P

If you’ve been waiting for Battlerite to leave Early Access, you’re in luck. As of today, the game is out and about as well as turned F2P. You can get started by visiting the Steam page. Y...


Dodgeball Rising Gives You A Chance to Exact Revenge

If you were one of those kids in grade school who was always the dodge ball target, you want to take note. Happinet has announced that Dodgeball Rising has entered Early Access and provides you a chan...

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