MOBA Gamers: Here’s a List of Skins Worth Splurging On

MOBAs are hands down the most popular game genre in eSports and competitive online gaming. They’re fun, addicting, and free-to-play, so MOBA developers support themselves by offering cosmetics like ch...

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Updated with CraftWars

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the release of a new set of skins and much more for Heroes of the Storm. Named “CraftWars”, the patch brings a number of cross-themed skins from Warcra...

Heroes of the Storm

D.Va Get Tuned Up in New Heroes of the Storm PTR Update

The Heroes of the Storm PTR has been updated to bring a large new patch in for testing. These patches usually sit on PTR for testing for a week or two before being deployed into the live MOBA. The upd...

LoL Introduces New Champion Samira, the Desert Rose

LoL Introduces New Champion: Samira, the Desert Rose

The developers from Riot Games have shared a new video to introduce the latest champion joining the roster of MOBA League of Legends: meet Samira, the Desert Rose. Check out the trailer above to see h...

SMITE - God of the Moon Tsukuyomi Teaser

SMITE – God of the Moon Tsukuyomi Teaser

Following the introduction of new skins from Avatar: Legend of Aang and Avatar: Legend of Korra into MOBA Smite, the developers from Titan Forge Games are expanding the roster of available heroes with...

Fault - Early Access Launch Trailer

Fault – Early Access Launch Trailer

Fault is a third-person 5v5 MOBA that combines original gameplay elements with assets and inspiration drawn from Paragon by Epic Games. The game is currently available in Steam Early Access and has re...

HotS - Update on Climate Phenomena Anomaly

HotS – Update on Climate Phenomena Anomaly

The developers from Activision Blizzard have taken to the official Heroes of the Storm forums to update players on what is going to happen with climate phenomena anomaly, currently raging in the MOBA....

League of Legends

6 Tips and Tricks to Dominate League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular and most played games on the planet. Chances are, if you haven’t played the game, you have at least considered it. If you are new or are looking for ways t...


SMITE to Feature Avatar Character Skins Next Month

Hi-Rez Studios has announced an epic crossover event that is slated to hit SMITE servers in July. The event will be part of the game’s next Battle Pass and will feature characters from both Avat...

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