Mobile MMO Lineage2M Launches in North America and Europe

NCSoft has announced that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2M has officially launched in both North America and Europe. The game is free to download for both Android and iOS mobile devices though it does feat...

Lineage W

NCSoft Announces Multi-platform MMO Lineage W

NCSoft has announced a brand new MMORPG in the form of Lineage W. While short on details, we do know a few things including the fact that it is being planned for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, al...

Blade & Soul

Dual Blade Class Coming to Blade & Soul in September

NCSoft has announced that a brand new class will be coming to its combat-oriented MMO, Blade & Soul, on September 8th. The update will also include a massive graphics overhaul thanks to the transi...

lineage 2 aden

Go Solo When Lineage 2 Aden Launches In August

It’s time to go solo when NCsoft launches Lineage 2 Aden, a new twist on the traditional lineage experience, during August 2021. If you have toyed with the idea of jumping back into the legendary MMOR...

aion classic

Conquer The Abyss Again As Aion Classic Takes Off

NCSoft has launched Aion Classic, a return old old school Atreia for old hands ready to conquer this MMORPG once more. Available now, on NA servers, Aion Classic is the return of Elyoss and Asmodian t...

blade & soul preview

Blade & Soul Revolution Preview

Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSoft, is coming to the small screen with the imminent launch of Blade & Soul Revolution. Here’s what happened when we got back to chasing down Jins...

blade & Soul 2

Blade & Soul 2 Kicks Off Korean Pre-Registration With A Ton Of New Info

Blade & Soul 2, the newest title from South Korean giant NCSoft, just opened pre-registration in Korea with a ton of new detail about this upcoming MMO. Just days after Netmarble and NCSoft opened...

Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution Coming in 2021

Netmarble has announced that Blade & Soul Revolution is coming to mobile devices in 2021. To celebrate the announcement of the open-world RPG, developers released a trailer that examines the story...

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Turns to Blade & Ghoul for Halloween

We’ll be sporting a ton of Halloween goodies this week as games across the genres descend into harrowing haunts for the season. NCSoft is no exception with the arrival of the Blade & Soul an...

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