Project G Gets a Trailer and NCSoft Takes A Swipe the RTS Genre

Project G is about to take publisher NCSoft in a very different direction with the company’s very first Real Time Strategy.

Get a first look at the latest from NCSoft, with the new Project G trailer. Just announced, this upcoming adventure is unlike anything the company has produced before. More commonly known for huge MORPGs like Lineage and Guild Wars 2, the Korean giant’s latest title plunges us into a massive scale RTS across PC and mobile.

The very first teaser trailer features all real gameplay graphics, powered by Unreal Engine. The slick presentation is a glimpse at the huge clashes that can occur between armies. It reveals various game systems, including unique characters of different races, and strategies used in combat. Melee and ranged units take to the field during this encounter and there’s ‘Dragons’ and ‘Strategic Arms’ cutting across territory wars.

Project Director Minseok Seo said, “Building an RTS title upon NCSOFT’s advanced technology accumulated with MMO-based massive-scale battle system, we aim to create unprecedented scale and quality that have not been witnessed in any other strategy games.” He also added, “Players will be able to experience the quintessence of strategy games, coupled with various units and worlds unique to Project G, making the gameplay itself the fun factor for the players.”

While it likely won’t be quite as chaotic as WvW warfare or Conqueror’s Blade, this different type of combat should appeal to fans of the Total War: Warhammer Series. While we don’t know much more about the announcement, we do know it will be worth keeping an eye on the NCSoft website for more.

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