MMORPG Throne and Liberty Shared the Internal Beta Test Highlights Video

NCSoft, one of the leading game publishers in the world, shared a new video dedicated to the upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty (previously known as Project TL). In August, the team conducted an internal beta test of the game. Now they are ready to reveal the development status of the project with this video recorded at the headquarters in South Korea.

From the initial plan for an isometric game, Project TL morphed into a full-blown MMORPG Throne and Liberty with epic battles, castle sieges, harpooning around the world and taking on a variety of monsters with an impressive arsenal of weapons. Check out what the game looks like now in the video above. Note that the demonstrated build is still a version currently under development.

The video shows off glimpses at character creation and customization, a few snippets of gameplay and the combat, flying/gliding, running through a location in the form of an animal, group content such as attacking bosses in the open world, besieging and protecting the keep and much more. Throughout all of the gameplay process, we can also see developers exchanging funny quips with each other.

Check out the trailer above or proceed to the official site to find out more about the game.

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