MapleStory M Third Anniversary Adds A Massive Update

MapleStory M, the free to play mobile MMO from Nexon, is loading a huge new update as part of its third anniversary celebrations.

After launching back in 2018, this mobile MMO based on the hugely successful MapleStory franchise has stayed the curse with three years of free to play adventure on iOS and Android. Now players preparing for the latest annual celebrations have even more new content to look forward to.

Angelic Buster Mega Burning Event

The third anniversary update will introduce the Angelic buster to MapleStory M. Born as a disgraced Nova without a tail or magic, Angelic Buster inherited the powers of Eskalade, an ancient dragon residing inside an ancient relic of Pantheon. This unique heritage gives the Angelic Buster a dragon shaped arm cannon that can blast waves of enemies. Her other slot holds the power of Eskalade in a special ring. This ring allows her to transform into Angelic Buster and a range of special skills.

Alongside the new character, this new event will allow new players to catch up. Once new characters reach level 10, they will be rewarded for completing missions, while new characters between levels 3 and 120 can level up to two additional bonus levels each time they level up through the Mega Burning event.

Third Anniversary Magical Land Events

This isn’t the only in-game event running as part of the third anniversary celebrations. Players will be able to upgrade their merry-go-round up to four ranks thanks to special drops, take part in a special parade, grab magic coins, and more. We’ve included the full list of events below.

  • Crafting Merry-Go Round Event: Players will be able to hunt for materials from dungeons, upgrade their merry-go-round up to four ranks, and get their very own customized chair with the opportunity to obtain a fancy chair.
  • Magical Land Parade Event: All players who log in during the event will get an all-time buff for all characters in the world where the buff is activated.
  • Coin Drop Event: During the event, all hunting has the chance for a coin drop, where players can purchase items at the Magical Land Coin Shop.
  • Jumping Cloud Cat Event: Special game where players navigate riding a cloud cat to eat bubbles resulting in coins.
  • Angelic Buster’s Dressing Room: Special fabric dropped during the event can be exchanged with an NPC to create a dress. Players will also be able to customize the looks of their style items throughout the event.
  • Angelic Buster’s Concert Hall: Players can obtain extra EXP when attending Angelic Buster’s Concert Hall where users can listen to her songs.
  • Water Splash Event: All players will be given three free tickets for this mini-game where players are rewarded for dodging various items in a fixed amount of time.
  • Kim’s Gift Event: Characters above level 100 will gain a surprise gift when interacting with Mr. Kim and entering inventory. This gift is limited once per account.
  • Sunshine Point Event: When consuming crystals, players will be awarded Sunshine Points that will offer them extra rewards through the achievement system.
  • Clash! Slimeshot Event: A player vs. player balloon shooting mini-game contest that is available at any amusement park.

If you were considering jumping over from the desktop equivalent and starting your time in MapleStory M then the third anniversary celebrations might very well be the best place to start. You can grab MapleStory M for free over on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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