Black Desert Mobile Adds Valencia Region

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile players looking for new adventures can look no further than the recent addition of the massive Valencia region. The new continent is said to be the size-equivalent of Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia, and Mediah combined. That’s a lot of new territory to explore!

As players work through the extensive content available in Valencia, they will be able to earn valuable rewards and level up to the new cap of 75. Quests expand the story of BDM and players will be able to acquire abyssal grade gear along the way. Some examples of this new gear include the Rakshan helmet, shoes, and glove.

In addition to an entirely new zone to explore, players will also find better odds when crafting and synthesizing the alchemist stone. Best of all, the auto-craft system for an alchemist stone is now live.

The launch of Valencia comes with a number of in-game events that will have advantages for participating players. Look for the Login Mania Reward Event, the Special Log-in Event, and the Alchemy Stone Extravaganza Event.

Check out the Black Desert Mobile official site to learn more.

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