Battle Crush Beta Starts Brawling Today

NCSoft has opened the doors to a global Battle Crush Beta, and you can log in right now.

Players across 97 countries can log in and take on the world in NCSoft’s latest challenge, Battle Crush. The brightly animated arena brawler unlocked at midnight and players who want to join the fray can head over to the official website to try their luck across Steam and Android devices. The second testing phase of Battle Crush will allow prospective champions to experience an enhanced version of earlier play throughs. This includes an enhanced PC control using keyboard and mouse, redesigned lobby UI for seamless interaction, added rewards system that makes defeating enemies even more satisfying and eased the difficulty of stamina management.

What to Expect



For players that are just getting in for the first time, prepare yourself for something totally unlike NCSoft’s other games. While fantasy MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and Aion are the big names in this catalog, Battle Crush is a competitive challenge. 30 players join an arena, picking from a roster of Calixers – heroes chosen by the gods – and brawl to be the last one standing. Pick from a range of stylized mythological legends, and leap into Solo, team, Battle Royale, and Brawl modes.

Each of the 15 available warriors come with their own spin on combat and 7 skills. Combine these light, heavy, and ultimate attacks to eliminate your enemies in a succession of lightning fast combat encounters. With treasure littered across each map, players can level up or simply loot powerful weapons to help win out.

Whether the Battle Crush Beta results in a final release that is any more innovative than the ill-fated Master x Master, we will soon see. Battle Crush is due to release across Nintendo Switch, Steam (PC), and Mobile sometime soon. You can check out what to expect in the trailer above or head over to the official website to jump into the testing.

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