SUMMER KNIGHT Falls on Brown Dust 2

Neowiz and GAMFSN have announce a new ‘SUMMER KNIGHT’ event pack for the mobile RPG Brown Dust 2.

Brown Dust 2 is getting some summer fun started with a brand new update featuring the SUMMER KNIGHT’ event pack. This new drop is already available, and players can pick it up until 30 August. Alongside a warm glow, it also includes a thrilling summer night pool party with beloved characters like ‘Lathel,’ ‘Schera,’ ‘Justia,’ and ‘Gray’.

Anybody who picked up Brown Dust 2 for free at launch might be interested in the other summer updates too. A special pickup event is available, opening an opportunity to acquire swimsuit costumes for ‘Justia’ and ‘Scheherazade. These in game costume changes will remain available for a limited time, however. The Pool Party Justia pickup will run until the 24th, while Pool Party Scheherazade will be available from the 10th to the 31st. Plus, players will receive two draw opportunities for free until the end of the Pool Party Scheherazade pickup.

Brown Dust 2 also gets a bunch of other in game events as part of the fun. Players can participate in these activities to complete the event pack and claim the exclusive ‘Pool Party Justia Costume’. A set of log in rewards will run until September 7th , dropping the ‘Pool Party Lathel Costume’, while the limited ‘Pool Party Invitation’ event currency can unlock ‘Pool Party Gray Costume’ and 100 extra Draw Tickets,

If you haven’t already played Brown Dust 2, this free to play mobile RPG is the follow up to Brave Nine. After the series rebrand this sequel launched across mobile platforms earlier in 2023, and continues to keep fans of the series thoroughly entertained. Find out more on the Brown Dust 2 website now.

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