Iron Tower Shares More Details About The New World

The New World

Last year Iron Tower, the developers of Age of Decadence and Dungeon Rats, announced a new project. Back then it was known as Colony Ship RPG. The team has recently made a blog post sharing some information about the game that is now known as The New World.

The New World – A Generation Ship RPG

Players will take on a role of a passenger of a Ship heading to a New World. The ship itself had been a new world for many generations. There will be conflicting factions, religions, philosophies as well as ideals, pulling players into turmoil. Chaotic, dangerous and absolutely unknown environment lies ahead. It would require all of the players’ wits to survive.

The developers promise classical RPG combat and dialogue systems. Players can go through the game world alone or find companions. The announcement blog also briefly introduces one of the first party members: a thief named Dinah. You can find her biography through the link above.

The New World – Stealth Mechanic

Additionally, players can expect to find a Stealth system. There will be certain missions it would be more rewarding to complete without making a fuss. Players’ footsteps and lockpicking generate noise that will alert and force enemies to investigate.

  • Each action has certain noise points. They add up with each action and, affected by players’ gear and Stealth, will determine whther or not an NPC will be alerted to your presence.
  • More challenging tasks will require higher skill level and better gear.
  • Skills and gear will modify the noise points.

You can find out more on the official site.

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