The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Alliance War Is A Brand New Expansion

Valve may have drawn a disappointing hand with its own original card game but don’t let that news fool you, the market for digital card packs is still ripe for plundering. Bethesda provided some pleas...


Deep Sky Derelicts Review (PC)

A lot of people have compared Snowhound Games’ Deep Sky Derelicts to Darkest Dungeon. On one level, that’s a great comparison, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that DSD lacks it...

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Hearthstone Pop-up book

Hearthstone Pop-Up Book Brings Your Favorite Heroes to You!

Blizzard Entertainment has originally mentioned the upcoming Hearthstone pop-up book back in May when the company was sharing its plans for the upcoming goodies for its various titles. There had been ...

Marvel Battle Lines Preview – All About Nexons New Game

  If you haven’t heard of Marvel Battle Lines yet, I won’t hold it against you.  You might not be a big fan of mobile games, puzzles or perhaps you live under a rock, but whatever the reason may ...


Artifact is Coming to Pax

If you’ve arranged time off work, scored some sought-after weekend tickets, and started ticking off the anticipation is about to get a little worse. Valve’s new game, Artifact, is coming to Pax this S...

MapleStory’s TCG Gets First Content Update

MapleStory’s trading card game, MapleStory Blitz, gets it’s first major content update with Zakum’s Alter. This update will contain 36 unique cards that will get mixed in with regular card packs, a ne...


Fable Fortune Brings a Familiar World to CCG Players

CCG fans rejoice as it looks like Fable Fortune, the new CCG (Collectible Card Game) has left early access after seven months to join the mainstream gaming lineup. Developer Flaming Fowl Studios had a...


Golem Gates Blends RTS & CCG for a Unique Experience

Laser Guided Games is a relatively new studio packed with industry veterans who’ve worked on games including Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. Now situated in their own cozy studio, the team i...


Ring in the Holidays in Duelyst with Frostfire Festival

It’s Frostfire Festival time in Duelyst thanks to the arrival of the limited time event. From now through January 5th, players can check out a brand new game mode, earn new and festive skins and...

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