Indies’ Lies: A Refreshing Roguelike Deckbuilder with Captivating Fantasy Tales

Indie's Lies

Indies’ Lies is a single-player card-based strategy game featuring roguelike maps with procedurally generated events and endless deck combo possibilities. The game also offers rich stories set in a medieval steampunk world, and 9 separate character adventures to explore those fascinating tales. Indies’ Lies already released a Steam demo on March 25th and will launch the early access version on March 30 at 11:00 PM PT.

A Refreshing Roguelike Mode

In the roguelike mode, you start the game by choosing a character that has a unique card pool and special talents (Innate skills that can boost your deck powers). There’re different routes and encounters on the map that lead to a final boss. You need to choose the best path as you proceed through the procedurally generated fights, shops, blacksmiths, mini-stories, and mini-games. You need to strategize your route, your deck, your talent tree, and more to achieve the final victory.

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Indies’ Lies draws inspiration from DBG classics like Slay the Spire, however, the developers aimed to create a new take on the genre that could go beyond. New deck-building mechanics and synergy systems were designed to allow for a faster deck building and a faster trial and error strategy loop. For example, you can replace cards in your deck directly with cards rewarded for winning the battles. There’re also Rune cards that can be played on their own as normal cards or merged with normal cards to forge new cards with special effects.

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A Unique Story Mode

What really sets Indies’ Lies apart from most deckbuilding games though, is its unique story mode and deep lore set in the medieval fantasy land of Mekaa.

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Indies’ Lies revolves around the conflicts between the old Gods that created and nourished Mekaa, and the new God Indies that seem to be bringing its centuries of peace to an end. Indies introduced to the people of Mekaa the “Magic Copper”—a magical ore responsible for igniting a fast industrial revolution. However, long-term exposure to magic copper will turn people into twisted, violent monsters…

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In the story mode, each character has a story divided into four chapters which leads you right into a crucial personal mission, a decisive moment for Mekaa’s fate. Whether it’s marching across Mekaa in search of a cure for the magic copper corruption, or traveling back in time to save a loved one as well as the city from the industrialization fever.

You will find yourself immersed in the magic world of Mekaa and its fascinating tales through a series of engaging events, records, encounters, and dialogues between card fights. As the stories unfold, you will uncover the secrets of the Magic Copper, and the lies and conspiracies of Indies and his believers…

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Characters & Their Stories

There are 9 playable characters at the moment divided into 3 classes (Wizards, Mechanists, Rangers). The new Knights DLC will be released later this year. Here are a few of the characters and their stories.

 The Karma Twin

Luna Karma grew up in the shadow of her outgoing, talented twin sister Diana Karma. At the age of ten, Luna fell seriously ill. Magically cured after a few years of coma, Luna woke up to find her sister missing and she’s determined to find out what happened…

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Known as “Sir Ugly”, Oleg is Indies’ Lies’ very own “V” character, with the Guy Fawkes mask replaced by a handmade metal mask. Easily recognizable by that and his mechanical arm attached with lethal claws, he raises attention, or rather fear, everywhere he goes. His moral ambiguity makes it difficult to tell whether he is heroic or simply insane.

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15 years after her death, Evelyn was brought back to life as an “Evil Spirit Mechanist”, a mechanical war machine in human form that mixes the power and the evil of magic copper. Evelyn seems to be the only Evil Spirit Mechanist with a heart, but with it also comes overwhelming doubts of her own being. Is she alive or dead? Is she even human?

Indie's Lies 8

A blend of roguelike deckbuilding gameplay and epic storytelling makes Indies’ Lies a pleasant surprise for strategy players. Don’t miss the Steam demo release on March 25!

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