Kormokrats Announcement Brings Zero Gravity Fun To The PC

Kormokrats gives zero gravity to your western ideology as publisher Modern Wolf announced this tongue in cheek space puzzler is coming to PC in 2020.

Developed by Pixel Delusion, the brand new indie space-based adventure shoots players off into a universe where the soviet union never fell. Beginning as a potato peeler who has had something of an unexpected promotion, players are tasked with putting together spaceship. Piloting an assembly drone sounds easy enough but it’s a little more complex than a 2D jigsaw with a range of different challenges ahead of you. It’s not quite Kerbal Space Program, but Kormokrats will need plenty of spacial awareness and a sense of humor to successfully win the latest space race.


As a pilot in the SPACE FORCE, yes it has to be in full caps, players get the chance to wield the cutting edge tech of the 1960s to put together a range of components the includes a range of crucial connections and the odd cosmonaut that seem to get in amongst everything. As the game progresses, comrades will experience the wonders of the solar system. The history of space colonization and equality will unfold and hopefully, nobody will look at the workplace incident logs.

Anybody who dreams of traveling to outer space and becoming a hero of the people can get on board and live the dream. In Kosmokrats you will earn medals to display in your awards cabinet, read the very accurate Official Party newspaper, entertain yourself between missions with your state-of-the-art Я-Box games console, adjust the game’s difficulty level with the help of vodka, and more. This satirical eastern take on the space race is due to come out sometime later in 2020 but we don’t expect it to cost as much as the real race for the moon. Check out the trailer and get ready to join the SPACE FORCE. You can find out more details over on the Steam Store page and sign up for your duty at the official website for now.


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