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solas 128

Solas 128 Unleashes Synth Wave Puzzler on PC and Switch

Developer Amicable Animal and Publisher Armor Games Studios are set to unleash a synthwave machine on us as they announce Solas 128, coming early 2021. Revealed just last night, Solas 128 is a brand n...

puzzle & dragons evangelion

Puzzle & Dragons Gets Evangelion Update

In what seems like a perfectly unusual collaboration, Puzzle and Dragons is ditching match 3 for the Third Impact during an Evangelion themed crossover. Get set to synch as Shinji, Rei, and Ikari all ...

Stealth Puzzle Timelie Shares Official Trailer Video

Stealth Puzzle Timelie Shares Official Trailer Video

The developers from Urnique Studio have presented the official trailer for their upcoming innovative puzzle game Timelie that allows players to control time. Every precise moment of action is crucial....

puzzle and dragons gold

Puzzle And Dragons Gold Drops English Trailer

Puzzle and Dragons Gold, the hit mobile puzzle game, is coming to Nintendo Switch and a new trailer for the title just dropped. Arriving on western shores on 15 January, the animated brain teaser rele...

a tofu tail

A Tofu Tail Brings A New Flavour To PC Puzzles In December

A Tofu Tail is just about to serve up a fusion of tofu, foxes, and Japanese folklore in a brand new puzzle game coming to PC on 12 December. Indie development company Alchemedium, announced yesterday ...

Get Intergalactic With Zen Puzzler Supesu 2

There are different games that we play for different experiences. We play story-driven games like Last Day of June to be moved to feel. We revisit classics and remakes like DOOM to catch those nostalg...

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Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns Banner

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns Switch Review – A “Match” Made In Heaven

It would be hard to imagine that most gamers haven’t tried, or simply heard about, any “match 3” tile games in their lifetime. One of the first to arrive on the scene that mixed tile...

9 Amazing
Fracter Review

Fracter Review for PC – A Devilishly Haunting Puzzler

I’ve become somewhat of the “Puzzle Game Guy” here at I find them interesting because they tend to flex your brain more than your twitchy trigger finger. For an older ...

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