marvel's avengers free upgrade

Marvel’s Avengers Gets Free PS5 or Xbox Series X Upgrade

Marvel’s Avengers, the new comic book adventure from publisher Square Enix, is going to give players on current gen consoles a free upgrade to Xbox Series X or PS5. In a move that many PC gamers will ...

injustice gods among us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Is Free This Weekend

The superhero fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us is free to grab this weekend on PC via Steam, Xbox, and Playstation 4. While the weekend normal has changed for many of us, it looks like NetherRealmR...

Claim Overcooked For Free on Epic Games Store

Get Overcooked For Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store revealed the latest game available at the store for free. Players can claim Overcooked – a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players. It is up to you to satisfy c...

farcry 5 free weekend

Farcry 5 Goes Free This Weekend

Farcry 5 is about to get a free pass as Ubisoft just reminds us that the open world shooter is going free for this weekend. Anybody who hasn’t already jumped into the latest addition to the establishe...

Epic Games Store Gives Away Civilization VI For a Limited Time

Epic Games Store Gives Away Civilization VI For a Limited Time

Following the unexpected but very welcomed giveaway of GTAV, Epic Games Store is back with another amazing game you can claim for a limited time. This time players can get their hands on Sid MeierR...

day z free

Day Z Goes Free This Weekend on Steam

Day Z the zombie shooter from Bohemia Interactive is about to unleash the hordes on us PC players for free this weekend on Steam. Players with an itchy trigger finger can grab Day Z for free on Steam ...

Get Total War: Shogun 2 For Free

Stay At Home, Get Total War: Shogun 2 For Free

Seaga is giving away Total War: Shogun 2 for free in an effort to help keep us a little more entertained while stuck at home. It seems that everything we’re writing right now is tainted by the ongoing...

master of orion free

Master Of Orion Is Free For World Of Tanks players

Master of Orion, a massive 4X strategy title from NGD Studios, is free for World of Tanks players and you’ll just have to blow something up to get it. Wargaming, the studio behind the online tank titl...

Google Stadia Is Not a Free Netflix For Games

Google Stadia Pro Goes Free For Two Months

Google, the internet technology giant, just kicked an offer to give gamers two free months of free Google Stadia Pro. Launched back in November 2019 and received with varying levels of fanfare, Google...

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