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Top 4 eSports video games that people love to bet on

eSports games, as well as the betting activity around them, have both witnessed exponential rise over the past few years. The growth and popularity of this industry have been such that millions of dol...

Laptop 2

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Laptop for Gaming

There is no denying that buying a laptop for gaming is a tricky business. For one thing, there are so many different factors that you need to focus on. For another, there is a lot of misinformation to...

What Held CoD Back from eSports Gold?

As one of the most popular shooting series in history, Call of Duty is no stranger to the spotlight. With their most popular games selling just over 30 million units, the series has entered a rare gam...

NBA 2K20

All you need to know about NBA 2K20

The latest iteration of the flagship NBA 2K19 video game has been confirmed by 2K Games. 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics will be working together to launch the latest installment in the hugely successfu...

Old School Runescape

Recent Updates for Old School RuneScape Ended the 17-years Story

Reading the comments of modern players, addicted to a photorealistic picture, it is difficult to understand how Old School RuneScape could have appeared. However, it has not only appeared but gained h...


The Most Popular Esports Of All Time

Esports is the term that the gaming industry uses to describe competitive video gaming at a professional level. Short for electronic sports, it emphasizes the fact that video gaming has gone to the sa...

Dota 2 Items

Useful Tips Concerning Dota 2 Items

Items in Dota 2 can have a significant influence on performance. Ghost Scepter will help you evade physical damage, while Linken’s Sphere works against stuns, and Scythe of Vyse turns enemies into sil...


Ranking the Top FIFA Games of the 21st Century

Long regarded as the world’s most popular sports video game franchise, FIFA is beloved by fans the world over for its super realistic gameplay, attention to detail and consistent ability to evolve. Th...

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