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FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster is Available Now

FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster is Available Now

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy IV pixel remaster is now available on Steam, Google Play, App Store and Amazon App Store. Enjoy the timeless stories told through charming retro graphics. All ...

Shooter Games

The Best Shooter Games on Android Smartphone

Competitive and professional shooting games are rapidly becoming a trend in mobile gaming. Mobile game development and mobile phones hardware can offer you a top-notch gaming experience, even for firs...

Android Games

Improve Your Android Gaming Experience

Congratulations, you got your Android device. And now you want to use it for what it’s really for – gaming! Sure, ringing someone, messaging, video calls, and checking social media play an important p...

Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast Review

Exclusive Interview with Devs Behind Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast

Today’s a big day for fans of Michelin star chef and reality TV star Gordon Ramsay thanks to the arrival of a new mobile game, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast. We had the opportunity to intervi...

Google Play Announces The Best Games of 2020

Google Play Announces The Best Games of 2020

As the year is approaching its end, Google Play shared the list of the best of the best of 2020, games and applications alike. Let’s dive in and see which Android games have gotten the honor! Be...

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra Rolling Out 20 January

Pre-registration just opened for G.I. Joe: War on Cobra as D3 Go and Hasbro confirmed that the latest battle against evil kicks off this January. Coming to mobile platforms via the App Store, Google P...

the last remnant remastered mobile

The Last Remnant Remastered Is Now On Mobiles

The Last Remnant Remastered, the HD update of a classic JRPG, just arrived on mobiles and nobody was expecting it at all. Available right now on iOS and Android app stores, The Last Remnant Remastered...

runescape mobile

Runescape Goes Mobile

Runescape has gone mobile. The smash hit MMORPG from UK developers Jagex has thrown open the door to Early Acces adventurers who want to take Runescape on the go. You can jump into Runescape right now...

Marvel Battle Lines

Marvel Battle Lines to end service in January

Nexon has announced that Marvel Battle Lines will be ending service on January 9, 2020. The company stated that it “simply [was] not in a position to continue delivering the quality content that...

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