Monopoly Tycoon Passes Go to Launch on Mobile Devices

Hasbro has announced that Monopoly Tycoon has officially launched for mobile devices around the world. The game is currently available for iOS devices via the App Store and for Android devices via Google Play. According to the development team, the game offers players “sophisticated management systems” that allow them to start building their Atlantic City empire. They will acquire houses, hotels, businesses, and decorations alongside investments in city buildings to expand their portfolio. The action takes place “all the way to Paris and London”.

Key Features

  • Discover over a thousand buildings and decorations to collect, build and upgrade
  • Compete to acquire properties in the Auction House
  • Fulfill the needs from your houses and hotels to maximize rents
  • Complete missions to progress and get rewards
  • Draw Community Chest and Chance cards to boost your performance
  • Pass Go every day to increase daily rewards
  • Resolve City Problems, by playing fun mini-games
  • Unlock three famous MONOPOLY board locations: Atlantic City, Paris, and London.
  • Become the wealthiest real estate tycoon ever!

Check out Monopoly Tycoon on the App Store and Google Play to learn more.

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