Farming Life – Steam PC Quick-Hit Review

Farming Life - Steam PC Quick-Hit Review

Have you ever thought about getting away from the busy bustling of a city and starting your own business somewhere quieter, more rural? What about, say, a farm?

Developed by Pyramid Games and published by Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games, Farming Life is your chance to do just that. You might know of them from their previous creations such as the House Flipper and Castle Flipper.

Are you ready to leave behind corporate life and get elbow-deep into farm management, planting vegetables and fruits, harvesting crops, employing workers, taking care of animals and more?

Then dive right into our Farming Life PC Quick-Hit Review! The game was officially released on Steam on October 18th, to mixed reviews from the community.

Having received the farm from their grandfather, our protagonist moves out of the city to take care of the inheritance. If you want to go through the tutorial, the game will offer you an opportunity to learn the reins at the very beginning. Additionally, you can open the hints menu at any time if you want a quick reminder of how certain functions of the game work.

Your main tasks will be related to tending to plants, collecting and selling crops, caring for animals, and helping out people (such as delivering orders to the city). But one category of tasks is very different from most farming simulators out there, namely the Mayor’s Tasks related to a local competition among farmers.

One of the features I was not too thrilled about was the field getting locked into the plant type you have chosen, for example, carrots like it were shown in the tutorial. I think it doesn’t feel too comfortable and it would have worked out better to have one large field or a few smaller fields that can be filled with different sorts of crops or vegetables according to your needs or quests and to provide your farm with a more variety in products overall.

As you level up your farm, you will open new opportunities: getting an option of planting more varieties of vegetables and fruits, purchasing animals, acquiring machinery and equipment for your farm.

The map is also filled with a variety of resources, usually products that will help you earn a bit of extra cash or grant some more food for the farm’s animals.

The farm itself needs workers, otherwise, you will not be able to cope with everything that needs doing. You can hire employees through the city hall. Each employee has their own capabilities: someone is a better driver, someone can take better care of animals or plants, etc.

The game features day and night cycles, acceleration of time (which works wonders for the lull periods of when you are just waiting for things to grow or new quests to arrive), as well as the energy level of your hired workers.

If you don’t pay attention to the employees’ energy levels, they will stop being able to take care of their responsibilities and your farm will be in a bind, so be mindful of the workers and let them rest up.

Altogether, Farming Life is a simple yet fun way to kill some time. There are various interesting aspects and settings that set it apart from other games of the same genre. The economic progression is smooth, many tasks will keep you from getting bored.

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