In Open Country, a Corporate Drone Finally Goes Outside

505 Games has announced a brand new game called Open Country, “an arcade-style hunting game” that brings an open world adventure inside. To showcase this unusual hybrid-style game, developers released a new trailer that further reveals that it will be heading out for PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam on May 18th. Players will be able to take home the action for $12.99.

Players take on the role of a “worker drone” who longs for the freedom offered by the wilds of the great outdoors. The challenge becomes taking a city dweller to the untamed wilds and trying to keep them alive along with their trusty canine companion. Players will find several different biomes spanning lush foliage to harsh landscapes. Along the way, they’ll need to learn crucial hunting and survival skills and can test their mettle against 30 missions designed to see how well they’ve learned.

  • Explore – Roam free amongst the terrain and engage in missions throughout the area while sharpening survival skills
  • Hunt and Survive – Manage supplies carefully while trekking out to find both food and sport through hunting 
  • Prove Your Skill – By completing tasks in town, players can level up to get better weapons and equipment, engage in tougher missions, and work towards becoming a Master Outdoorsman 

Check out the Open Country official site to learn more.

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