Can You Survive Ascent of Ashes? Find Out Starting November 15th

Can You Survive Ascent of Ashes? Find Out Starting November 15th

Vivid Storm Interactive and Camlann Games have announced that its survival sim Ascent of Ashes will enter Steam early access starting November 15th. Players can become integral partners with developers as the game progresses towards its final release.

The announcement was made via an all-new trailer that spotlights gameplay action and offers a peek at the game’s unique art style.

The game centers on a small group of humans struggling to survive in a hostile world. It’s up to players to build a safe place for survivors to hunker down. In addition, it’s paramount that players learn to strategize and master combat to keep the alien hordes away. According to the dev team, the game is a “detailed hit simulation and health system, ” making every encounter much harder. Even non-lethal hits can ultimately take a survivor out of action.

Features include

  • Build a New Home: Gather resources to build up a base for your survivors. Farm crops, tame alien beasts and fortify your home against any intruders.
  • Engage in Real-Time-with-Pause Combat: Participate in deep tactical combat where even non-lethal hits can render a survivor unable to go on. Use the game’s real-time-with-pause combat to plan and strategize.
  • Dynamic Enemy AI: Each enemy is different and will have varying levels of intelligence. Poorly armed raiders may be an easy match in the early game, but as the player progresses, escalating levels of enemy intelligence will be seen. Enemies will use advanced combat tactics, stealth and cover — they don’t just try to outgun the player, they try to outwit the player.
  • Drive Restored Vehicles: Traveling on foot isn’t always an option. Restore and drive vehicles to get around this dangerous, post-apocalyptic world.
  • Satisfy Diverse Survivor Needs: Each survivor in your colony has their own unique motivations and personality. Keep them safe, happy, and motivated.
  • Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World: The world of Ascent of Ashes is procedurally generated and made up of multiple biomes and points of interest. Cautiously explore and uncover the many secrets the world holds.
  • Day One Mod Support: Ascent of Ashes has been made from the ground up to make it easily extendable. The game is being developed for modders, by modders.

Check out the Ascent of Ashes Steam page for more details.

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