Bioware's Tweet About Mass Effect Sends Fans into Frenzy

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Got Rated in Korea

Remember Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster aka the Legendary Edition? Just last week we were looking at all the writing on the wall indicating that the Remaster is indeed coming. The Game Rating and Admini...

Mass Effect Andromeda will get Free Multiplayer Maps

The Future of Mass Effect – Rumors & Leaks Recap

Mass Effect is an incredibly important franchise to me. Why, just last year I wrote a piece about what does N7 day mean anymore with the game series seemingly left for dead after Andromeda. Shortly af...

Dragon Age 4 - Behind the Scenes & Concept Art

Dragon Age 4 – Behind the Scenes & Concept Art

The developers of the upcoming RPG Dragon Age 4 from Bioware have been on hand during Gamescom 2020 Opening Night to share more details about the game, however few they are. The team showed off the of...


Anthem Team Details Big Loot Changes in 2.0

While we still don’t have an ETA when Anthem 2.0 will land, we do know that the team is hard at work retooling most of the game’s biggest features all from the comfort of home during the o...

Anthem Heads to EA Access & Origin Access

Bioware Austin Shares Concepts for Anthem 2.0

Following a less than ideal start, Bioware’s looter-shooter Anthem got the developers to reimagine the game from the beginning. We did not hear much about the so-called Anthem 2.0 or Anthem NEXT...

Bioware September Update Confirms That Dread Wolf Rises

Dragon Age 4 – Mark Darrah Confirms The Devs Are Making Progress

Dragon Age 4 is a curious title: everyone knows it is in the works, no one knows anything about it, despite the trailer for Dread Wolf Rises being shown as far as TGA 2018. Later the Bioware team part...

Mass Effect Trilogy Artbook: Expanded Edition is Up For Pre-Orders

Mass Effect Trilogy Artbook: Expanded Edition is Up For Pre-Orders

The pre-orders have started for The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition artbook that includes “hundreds of never before seen works of art” and “extensive new material fr...

Anthem Heads to EA Access & Origin Access

What’s Next for Anthem – May Update

Ever since developers of Bioware’s looter-shooter Anthem have announced that the game is going to be “reimagined” back in February, the team has been quiet about the project. So much...

[Rumors] Mass Effect Trilogy HD Remaster is coming

[Rumors] Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is coming

Electronic Arts had its quarterly financial report where the company shared its plans for the fiscal year. EA plans to release 14 games between now and March 2021, including an “HD Remake of an ...

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