Anthem Heads to EA Access & Origin Access

What’s Next for Anthem – May Update

Ever since developers of Bioware’s looter-shooter Anthem have announced that the game is going to be “reimagined” back in February, the team has been quiet about the project. So much...

[Rumors] Mass Effect Trilogy HD Remaster is coming

[Rumors] Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is coming

Electronic Arts had its quarterly financial report where the company shared its plans for the fiscal year. EA plans to release 14 games between now and March 2021, including an “HD Remake of an ...

The Book Dedicated to Story of BioWare is Coming in October

The Book Dedicated to Story of BioWare is Coming in October

To celebrate Bioware’s 25th anniversary, Dark Horse Books will be releasing BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development, the book that puts you in the room during key moments ...

Games Every cRPG Fan Should Try

Games Every cRPG Fan Should Try

Have you ever played a really good game for an extended period of time and then found yourself looking at credits while understanding that you’re not quite ready to let go just yet? This is the kind o...

Anthem - Update 1.6.0 'Icetide' is Here

Bioware and EA didn’t come to Anthem First Birthday Party

Bioware’s Looter/Shooter Anthem has just turned one year old on February 22nd. Unlike the usual Bioware celebration, the likes of N7 Day or D4 Day, Anthem’s first birthday party has only b...

Ben Irving - Anthem

Anthem to be “reimagined”, seasonal content discontinued for now

The BioWare Blog has been updated with a new post from Studio Director Casey Hudson. In it, he addresses the elephant in the room or better known as the future of Anthem. “We have heard your fee...

Mike Laidlaw

Mike Laidlaw has left Ubisoft. What’s next?

In late 2018, former BioWare developer Mike Laidlaw joined with Ubisoft Quebec as a creative director. Throughout his yearlong tenure with the company, however, we never really learned what he was wor...


Reports suggest a KOTOR remake may finally be happening is reporting that this year’s crop of rumors is starting off quickly with strong indications that a KOTOR remake may finally be in the works. Of course, this isn’t the first t...

Bioware's Tweet About Mass Effect Sends Fans into Frenzy

Bioware’s Tweet About Mass Effect Sends Fans into Frenzy

A day ago Bioware’s Twitter posted a brief video with footage from the studio’s hit game Mass Effect. The teaser features the very intro into the first game of the series, explaining human...

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