BioWare Community Update – All By Design

BioWare Community Update - All By Design

Developer Bioware has taken to the official site to share the first Community Update of 2023, discussing what the game designers are up to, starting with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

The blog explores how three distinct types of designers are involved in the game development: System Designers, User Experience (UX) Designers as well as Technical UX Designers. There are many other types of designers, of course, but the blog in question only follows these three categories with the example of Skill Tree system used as the basis from Problem Statement and concept to the actual in-game representation.

“When we use the term “designer,” we aren’t referring to someone who visually creates outfits or environments, as you might expect from a fashion or landscape designer in the real world. In game development, those would be our artists. Our designers help craft, balance, and conceptualize the player’s journey—working with artists, programmers, writers, and more to build out the game in a highly collaborative process.”

If that is entirely not enough Dragon Age content for you, consider giving Netflix series Dragon Age: Absolution a go. Spearheaded by the showrunner Mairghread Scott and produced by Red Dog Culture House, Dragon Age: Absolution was created in collaboration with Bioware. The events of the series are set in Tevinter, with Absolution featuring an ensemble of new characters inspired by Dragon Age lore, including elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons and other special surprises.

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