Playdate Console Looks Like A Total Windup

Developer Panic has just unveiled the Playdate, a brand new console and it is certainly a departure from our recent PlayStation 5 reports. Also, did we mention ...


Phantom: Covert Ops Announced For Oculus Quest

nDreams, the award-winning virtual reality developer and publisher, announced Phantom: Covert Ops, the studio’s first title in development for the newly release...

Bus Simulator 18 DLC

Bus Simulator 18 DLC Invites You To Jump On Board

Tired of spending too much time on the train tracks? Astragon Entertainment has just the cure with new Bus Simulator 18 DLC. Available now for PC conductors, th...

Utawarerumono: ZAN

Utawarerumono: ZAN Will Fight You This September

Utawarerumono: ZAN is coming to PlayStation 4 and now we know when. NIS has dropped a new trailer and confirmed that Utawarerumono: ZAN will enter North America...

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Pre Purchase Begins

Tool up with sword and saw, Dragon Quest 2 Builders Pre Purchase begins today. Square Enix has just launched pre-orders for the next Dragon Quest Builders title...

Eagle Eyes Nighttime Driving Glasses Review

Eagle Eyes Night Driving Glasses Review

Late last year, we shared our thoughts on what, at the time, was a new glasses brand to us with the Eagle Eyes 4-in-1 Glasses System. We walked away impressed a...

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Review

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition has landed on Nintendo Switch. It follows the initial launch on PC and a 2018 PlayStation 4 port. Now, it is time to strap in f...

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Comes to Mobile

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot might very well be a metaphor for your office grind. Slay the monstrous tasks set before you and grab anything shiny. Now, Ubisof...

Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC

Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC Pack Coming To PC

You must be this high or a demigod minion of Gozer to ride. The Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC pack is about to slime up your Park and it looks am-oozing. Gho...

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A Plague Tale: Innocence PS4 Review

Her home stormed by the Inquisition, her parents brutally murdered as she watched, Amicia is left with nothing but her estranged and very young sibling, Hugo, a...

9.5 Amazing

REVIEW: Konrad’s Kittens — VR

Reviewing VR games is tricky. This is my first VR review, and I realized I cannot approach it the same way I would approach a “traditional” game review. VR goes...

7 Good

REVIEW: Sniper Elite V2 Remastered — PC

Note: At the time of review, multiplayer servers were not available, so the following will be a review of the single player campaign only. Sniper Elite V2 origi...

7.5 Good

Rock of Ages 2 Switch Review

You might remember Rock of Ages as a crazy game where you flattened history by smashing a boulder into various civilizations. Now the boulder is back, and ready...

8 Great

Rage 2 Review: Welcome back to the Wasteland!

Back in 2010 the world got their first taste of Rage.  Fast-forward 9 years and Rage 2 has arrived!  With mixed reviews from the original launch, how does Rage ...

7.5 Good

Our Review of Dig Dog on Nintendo Switch

I never thought I would publicly admit this, but here it goes: I love my dog. He is a goofy three-year-old, mini Schnoodle with personality for days. There are ...

7.5 Good

Astrologaster Review

It has been an eventful year for the UK-based independent developer Nyamyam. May 2nd, 2019 saw the first release of their newest title Astrologaster for the iOS...

8.5 Great
Duck Game

Armed Anseriformes Blow Away Our Duck Game Review

Grab any weapon you can because you’re going to need it. Lasers, Swords, or Saxophones will do. A band of pixel powered ducks has landed and they are about to b...

7.5 Good
Fade to Silence

Fade to Silence Review

Winter isn’t coming. It’s here already, and it’s staying. In the bleak, frozen, and corrupted wasteland of the future, Ash struggles to keep h...

8.5 Great
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Calling All Wizards Trailer

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Calling All Wizards Trailer

Niantic and WB Games have released a new trailer for their mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. TItled Calling All Wizards, this minute-long video features ...

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince - Making the Series

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – Making the Series

With the latest installment in the Trine series coming soon, Frozenbyte reflects on their decade-long career and discusses how the studio has refocused itself, ...

Blades of Time Switch

Blades of Time Is Now Out on Nintendo Switch

Blades of Time is a classic hack’n’slash released by Gaijin Entertainment back in 2012. Now the remastered version is available to owners of Nintend...

Stellaris Ancient Relics

Stellaris – Ancient Relics Story Pack Announced

Paradox Interactive has announced the latest story pack for the grand strategy Stellaris. Called Ancient Relics, it adds two new Precursors to investigate, forg...

Battalion 1944 Leaving Early Access On May 23

Battalion 1944 Leaving Early Access On May 23

Bulkhead Interactive has announced that Battalion 1944: Eastern Front is approaching its full release. The game will leave Steam Early Access on May 23rd. And p...

A Plague Tale: Innocence Launch Trailer

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Launch Trailer

Asobo Studio and Focus Home Interactive are proud to announce that A Plague Tale: Innocence is finally here! Join young Amicia and Hugo on their heartrending ad...

Firefly Studios Will Bring Stronghold Next to E3 2019

Firefly Studios Will Bring Stronghold Next to E3 2019

Firefly Studios, famous for their economic strategy series Stronghold, has released a video to announce their participation in the upcoming E3 2019. Not only wi...

MediEvil Remake - Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

MediEvil Remake – Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

Initially announced during PlayStation Experience 2017, MediEvil Remake follows the story of Sir Dan, an unlikely champion who met an unfortunate end on the fie...

Rage 2 - Official Launch Trailer & Roadmap

Rage 2 – Official Launch Trailer & Roadmap

Rage 2 is almost upon us! Are you ready to jump into a crazy post-apocalyptic world and wreak some havoc? The special launch trailer unleashed by the devs can b...

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