Here Are The Biggest Announcements & Trailers from E3 2021

Here Are The Biggest Announcements & Trailers from E3 2021

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo blew the minds of gamers with a plethora of exciting announcements from various developers and publishers. E3 ga...

FAR: Changing Tides

Return to a Post-Apocalyptic World in FAR: Changing Tides

During E3 2021, Frontier Foundry announced FAR: Changing Tides, the sequel to the post-apocalyptic FAR: Lone Sails. The game was unveiled during the PC Gaming S...


Rest Before Each Important Match to be On Top of Your Game

As an industry, esports is growing by leaps and bounds. While 2020 saw over 215 million viewers tune in to watch the latest esports championship, the growth in ...

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is Now A Real Thing

You might need a bigger Christmas stocking, the Xbox Series X mini fridge is real and coming holiday 2021. During E3, Microsoft made an announcement that wasn’t...

Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 Closed Beta Impressions

Cyanide Studio is back with Blood Bowl 3, this time published by Nacon. The game has been in closed beta now for over a week, and the limited content currently ...


Replaced Announced During The Xbox Games Show

Publisher Coatsinlk and developer Sad Cat Studios announced Replaced, a stylish new sci-fi thriller, during the Xbox Games Show. Prepare to visit the future as ...

olliolli world e3 trailer screenshot

E3 Trailer Welcomes You To OlliOlli World

Fans of OliOlli, the indie skateboarding adventure, got a new E3 trailer for OlliOlli World this weekend. Over the course of E3, you’ll have seen the Twitter me...

Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate Leaps for the Stars on August 3rd

During this weekend’s E3 2021, Frontier announced that its “time-looping, turn-based shooter Lemnis Gate” will be launching across a number of...

Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected Release Date Revealed

During E3 2021 over the past weekend, Blizzard Entertainment announced the street date for Diablo 2 Resurrected, the reworked and updated version of the wildly ...

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Pangeon - Quick Hit Review

Pangeon – Steam Quick Hit Review

Pangeon is a single-player roguelike game developed by Vegetable Games and published by Ultimate Games S.A. & Gaming Factory S.A. The developers mention bei...


Star Wars Pinball VR Review

There is one type of game that I will always go to when visiting an arcade, the pinball machines. Zen Studios has brought Star Wars Pinball VR to life in a beau...

9.5 Amazing
Winds Of Change Switch Banner

Winds Of Change Switch Quick Hit Review

Seems like I’ve had a lot of “interactive graphic novel” games for the Nintendo Switch fall into my lap lately. Granted several of them are po...

SXFI Air Gamer Wireless Headset Review

SXFI Air Gamer Wireless Headset Review

As I write this, Creative is just about to unleash the wireless SXFI Air Gamer headset. The latest Super X-Fi powered device, this new upgrade is hoping to leve...

9 Amazing
behind the frame

Akupara Games Announce Behind The Frame

Behind The Frame, a gorgeous indie adventure that will color in all your feels is coming westward thanks to Akupara Games. Behind The Frame, an utterly gorgeous...

Hero Image

BIOMUTANT Review An Absolute Masterpiece

I believe it was 2017 when I first heard about BIOMUTANT when I wandered over to the THQ Nordic booth at PAX Prime.  I was originally over there to talk a bit a...

9.5 Amazing

WORLD END ECONOMiCA ~Complete~ Switch Quick Hit Review

Though I have a great love for comic books, of the superhero variety, I never got much into the Manga style. Though I don’t mind the anime style in my car...

Swarm VR

Swarm VR Review on Oculus

Swarm, by Greensky Games, was released in April and is a fast-paced arcade-style shooter. In it, Marv, the hero, uses grappling guns to navigate his way around ...

9.5 Amazing
aoc gh200

AOC GH200 Review

Big Sound On A Small Screen Budget With the release of the AOC GH200 and GH300 headsets, this well-known monitor maker is ready to take control of your desktop ...

7 Good
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lost ark dungeon screenshot

Lost Ark Is Coming West in 2021

Lost Ark is coming west in 2021, bringing this massive hit MMORPG to a whole new wave of PC gamers. If you have a hint of recognition when reading the name Lost...

new world closed beta

New World Invites Players to Reekwater

In the second video from the Touring Aeternum series, the developers of MMORPG New World invite players to check out Reekwater. You might have a lot of fun expl...

Battlefield 2042 - Official Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 2042 – Official Reveal Trailer

Electronic Arts and Dice have revealed the new chapter for the beloved FPS franchise with the announcement of Battlefield 2042 that marks the return to the icon...

Pre-Order The Playdate

You Can Pre-Order The Playdate Next Month And Own This Cute Handheld Console

Panic just announced that pre-orders for the cute yellow Playdate console will open in July, and dropped more details about launch titles. Back in 2019, we cove...

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Swings Into Action Today

Chivalry 2 the steel swinging battlefield sim from the dark ages rides onto PC and console today. Torn Banner Studios and publisher Tripwire are set to bloody y...

Terra Nil - Reverse City Builder Reveal Trailer

Terra Nil – Reverse City Builder Reveal Trailer

Terra Nil is an open-ended strategy/reverse city-builder from developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital that tasks players with environmental rejuvena...

Grow: Song Of The Evertree

Grow: Song Of The Evertree Is A Budding New Sandbox Adventure

505 Games and Australian developer Prideful Sloth just announced a gorgeous new sandbox adventure where you’ll fight for the future of a world. Set to sprout on...

Guild Of Dungeoneering Gets An Ultimate Edition - screenshot of a dungeon

Guild Of Dungeoneering Gets An Ultimate Edition

Guild of Dungeoneering, the rogueish indie card battler where death is a certainty, is about to get an Ultimate Edition. Saturday’s Guerilla Collective, which w...

Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade Is Out Now

Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade Is Out Now In The US

If you’re out and about this weekend then it might be time to consider getting out your mobile and facing the void as Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade is out now. Af...

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