WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship PC Review

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WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

At the beginning of 2000-2005, almost every home PC had a game from this series, or from the Colin Mcrae Rally series. These racing games were not demanding on the computer, and it was also possible to play together on the section that was placed. The games of this company have come a long way and a lot of problems and improvements.

And now WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship is the newest game licensed from the World Rally Championship sequel, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WRC. The game offers 52 official teams of the 2021 season, more than thirty legendary cars, tracks of the 2021 season, and 6 more historical tracks in different cities and countries. Also, players have access to a special “historical” mode WRC 10, offering to test their driving skills in 19 historical events with their own conditions and characteristics.

The main feature that distinguishes it from the DIRT series is a redesigned and improved career mode, the level of which can only be compared with a career in F1 games. There is also an editor for the livery of the car and the ability to assemble your team by painting it in your own “team” colors. WRC 10 features improved graphics and physics engines, updated sound design, and many other tweaks and changes to the balance and mechanics of the game. Well, let’s take a look at what has changed.

WRC 10 1


At the end of summer 2021, the French company Kylotonn released another game in the series about the world rally – WRC 10. And all the videos promised some new level of realism, graphics and simply incredible customization of your car.

The menu is divided into single-player and multiplayer. In single-player mode, the career mode plays the main role. In career mode, you only have to race around the world, and of course, in order to succeed, you need to get used to the role of a manager of your team: recruit employees who are looking for work and take care of them, manage finances, plan events, and of course improve them.

In the fast race mode, there is one difference from the previous games: the “50 years of rally” mode. The name alone makes it clear what it is dedicated to. Here are some of the most famous stages from different years. And we are allowed, so to speak, to touch the legend. For example, in one of the races the player will have to win the San Remo Rally as the best rally driver in the world, Michelle Mouton in her Audi Quattro, and in another race he will try for the legendary Lancia 037.

This is probably why the Kylotonn company finally became generous with the legendary cars of the past. They were in the previous parts but in a greatly reduced assortment. Now, at least there is a small selection, and in addition to bonus cars, there is also a section where you can create your own car coloring. What looked great in the NFS series looks just silly here. What is available in this menu does not suit me personally. Creating a beautiful rally car here is no easier than creating a beautiful female character in any game.

Okay, let’s go to the main career mode:

  • We choose the preferred class of cars. In the beginning, we can choose from Junior WRC (mono class) and WRC 3. In the latter case, you need to confirm your qualifications by driving the SS in the minimum allotted time (three attempts are given).
  • Then we select the type of team (private or official).
  • And finally, we select a specific command based on our preference

The players are already so tired of this that they don’t even want to talk about this mode. Players have been familiar with this mode for a very long time in previous WRC 8 and WRC 9 games. “Well, the racer isn’t doing this! Not engaged! Stop dragging poor management from other games! ”

Therefore, those who do not want to deal with this boredom, suggest just starting their own world championship. There is no career mode here. We simply set up the championship mode, its complexity, duration, select the tracks and proceed directly to the rally.

Minor changes have been made to the fast race mode. Previously, you were just racing with the times of virtual racers, i.e. bots. Now they are gone. No matter how slowly you go, without an Internet connection, you will still arrive first. There are simply no other cars. You can only compete with your best time and that’s it.

WRC 10 2

The game settings have not changed. Many players who follow this series did not notice any special changes in the physics of movement, a few years ago a decent model of car behavior appeared for the first time in WRC 8, and since then it has been refined. Now the differences between the types of track surfaces are acutely felt even while playing on a gamepad, not to mention a full-fledged steering wheel. The difference can be seen if you immediately play in other parts. The weather, the type of coverage, the tires were chosen – all affect the behavior of the car. No flirting with realism.

For example, on tracks with mixed surfaces (snow + wet asphalt), you will have to sweat a lot. After all, before you choose only one type of tire, for a specific type of coverage. It’s just that at the very beginning it is worth considering your priorities for choosing rubber. But, do not want to bother, you can assign the choice of tires and car settings to the AI ​​of the game.

What else has changed: the navigator became more emotional, they were not deceived. Navigator (two sexes available) and praise and scold you, depending on the situation. But still, it is better to focus on the signs because sometimes they are late or do not speak accurately, and the navigator says about the current turn, or about the next one. But it is better to read the description, history, and features of the track.

As the players say, they did not see any noticeable graphic changes, it is difficult to say where the graphics became better in comparison with the previous parts. The graphics are not bad, the lighting in the game looks especially good.

The bottom line: the game, in my opinion, did not bring anything new to the series, just the usual evolutionary development. The only significant plus: there are more legendary cars. Rally lovers might like it.

WRC 10 3


The WRC 10 shines when it doesn’t try to lure you in with a bunch of bright and seemingly full of flamboyant new mechanics and everything. Instead, it’s best when you get on track, pushing through chicanes, or clinging to dear life as you climb up through a hairpin.

The time of the KT Racing franchise is running out and the lack of a mega-budget manifests itself in visual glitches that sometimes flicker on the side of the road or in textures in the distance. But the company really created that feeling when he hurls a fast 380-horsepower monster down a dirt road and if you make just one simple mistake, it could end up very sad for the car.

WRC 10 4

Unique content for the WRC:

  • 4 new arrivals in 2021 (Estonia, Croatia, Belgium, and Spain)
  • 6 historical races, including the Acropolis, San Remo, Germany, and Argentina
  • 120 special stages
  • 52 official teams of the 2021 season (WRC, WRC2, WRC3, Junior WRC)
  • 20 legendary cars from Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and much more …

Our review was completed thanks to a digital edition code from PR.

In the end, WRC 10 hits enough high points to be notable and it's a sure bet that things will be improved over time with updates, new content releases, and patches. However, it's not the game for everyone and there is certainly something to be said for waiting for a definitive edition for those who may be on the fence.
  • Physics are ultra realistic
  • Vehicle settings are very extensive and suit all tastes
  • Graphics
  • Optimization has some high points
  • Vehicle customization
  • Career mode management
  • Optimization is so-so

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