point and click

When The Past Was Around PC Review

When The Past Was Around is an enjoyable point-and-click puzzle game with beautifully hand-drawn graphics and a deep story that hits seemingly close to home considering the past year. Developed by the...

9 Amazing

Daedalic Reveals Two Point-and-Click Adventures for Consoles

Daedalic Entertainment has great news for fans of point-and-click adventure games. Two brand new titles will be making their way to consoles by the end of January. Fans can look forward to The Dark Ey...

Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff

Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff Unveils a Whodunnit With Wizards

Become a wizard, investigate crimes, and find out whodunnit with wizards when Star Seeker: The Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff launches in November. Apparating into sight on Steam and Itch.io today, ...

Darkestville Castle Banner

Darkestville Castle Switch Review

It seems like just recently I was reviewing a classic point-and-click adventure on the Nintendo Switch, oh yes it was exactly almost a month ago. The game was Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Anniversa...

8.5 Great

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition Switch Review

Back in 1992 or so, I bought my first PC to play a game called Wolfenstein 3D, by a little known game company called iD Software. That spiralled me into cutting my “gaming chops” on the PC...

8.7 Great
chinatown detective kickstarter

Chinatown Detective Agency Kickstarter Begins Today

Chinatown Detective Agency, a new mystery that we’ve been excitedly waiting for, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign today. Setting up shop on PC, Chinatown Detective Agency is a globetrotting de...

Midnight in Salem title screen.

Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem Review

HerInteractive has finally released their latest installment in the Nancy Drew PC game series: Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Previously, fans of the series had two Nancy Drew games to look forward to...

6 Fair
chinatown detective agency

Chinatown Detective Agency Taking Cases Next Year

Chinatown Detective Agency is busy taking clients ahead of release in 2020. Join the premier detectives of cyberpunk Singapore as they crack open this point and click title. Developed y indie team Gen...


Papetura Unfolds a New Trailer

Indie developer Peturns has just dropped a brand new trailer for the gorgeous looking origami adventure, Papertura. Papetura is a wonderful looking point and click adventure due out on PC in late 2019...

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