What We Know About Destiny 2 After Today’s Reveal

I was fortunate enough to be at the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal today in LA. You can read my coverage over at as well. A metric buttload of information was dropped on us at the event, so we’re going to recount it all here in bullet list form. Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2.  What We Know About Destiny 2 What We Know About Destiny 2 After Today’s Revea...[Read More]

Dead Cells is a Rogue-Like Metroidvania Game You Need to Play

Having just landed in Early Access late last week, Motion Twin’s Dead Cells has quickly become the Indie Darling of 2017. Rightfully so, this blend of stylized pixelated gore, Rogue-like repeatability, and Metroid-like exploration and combat mean Dead Cells is just about a perfect storm of gameplay and panache. All this, and it’s not actually coming out for another eight to twelve months. Yep, Dea...[Read More]

Our Prey Bullet Point Review in Progress

I have to admit that Prey isn’t usually the kind of game that I play. I generally have always generally liked third person games better. I guess there’s something to be said for seeing your character, right? At any rate, however, I’ve been watching Prey’s development and the ramp up to last week’s release with interest. Not only is the premise of the story interesting...[Read More]

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs PAX East Preview

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a game which hadn’t been on my radar before PAX East, but I’m happy I had the opportunity to talk to some of the developers and play it. In fact, I spent 45 minutes just playing this game and for anyone who hasn’t been to a convention before, spending that long on a single game on the show floor is rare. If you are looking for an interesting, fun, and quirky tactica...[Read More]

The First 15 Minutes of Mr. Shifty on Nintendo Switch

One of the newest games to land on Nintendo’s Switch eShop is basically Hotline Miami with Nightcrawler’s teleporting power. Mr. Shifty is the new game from Team Shifty, a bunch of guys and gals who left Fruit Ninja’s warm embrace to make their own games. Mr. Shifty, as Rob tells you, plays damned well on the Switch. It’s the perfect sort of game for the handheld mode, and ...[Read More]

Brawl of Ages is a Fun Take on Clash Royale for the PC

Coming from BNA Studios and S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth, Strife), Brawl of Ages is a Collectible Card Arena Game in the same vein as the mega popular Clash of Clans (mobile) or Minion Masters (PC). Your goal is to build a deck of cards (spells, minions, and structures) that dominated the playing field and takes out the opposing team’s towers and base. The question here isn’t whether Br...[Read More]

The Surge is the best homage to Dark Souls yet…

The Surge is the latest in a line of Dark Souls-inspired action RPGs. But unlike so many of the also-rans, The Surge actually happens to be good. We’ve spend the better part of the past two weeks dabbling in Deck13 Interactive’s new adventure, and are happy to report that if it stays on target it’s going to be a new addiction for fans of the hardcore action RPG genre. Deck13 are clearly fans of th...[Read More]

Signal from Tolva – First 30 Minutes

The Signal from Tolva caught us off guard. Our full review is coming Monday, but this little game from the creators of Sir, You Are Being Hunted is another tale of robots in a strange world. A first person shooter with adventure and RPG overtones, Tolva will immediately sink its hooks into you with its style and mysterious lore. Your goal, as an AI sent down to the planet surface, is to find out w...[Read More]

Inner Chains is a Creepy and Scary Horror Treat

During PAX East I had the opportunity to play a demo of the horror FPS game Inner Chains. This game takes place on Earth in a future where nature and technology have merged to form a symbiotic relationship to the point where it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Humans on the other hand seem to have regressed to an almost medieval state. They make use of the of the technology...[Read More]

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. – One Hour with the twin-stick shooter

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. is a twin stick shooter that feels like playing a video arcade machine. With a fully-funded FIG campaign, the game creates a unique mix of 90s horror and uses inspiration from the classics of gaming and movies. Solstice Chronicles M.I.A offers experimentation in using different playstyles to combat the active difficulty setting called “Threat”. It’s being built on ...[Read More]

PAX East 2017 Dead by Daylight shows off the PS4 version and more

My pick (if we were making picks this year) for Game of the Show at this year’s PAX East would undoubtedly be Behaviour’s horror co-op game Dead by Daylight. The basics of the game are really quite simple, play as one of four survivors being hunted by a killer based on one of the classic archetypal killers of Hollywood. The survivors goal, a simple one survive, and activate all the gen...[Read More]

The Long Journey Home is a Fantastic Procedural Voyage

Imagine you are a space explorer but a crucial test goes awry. As a result, you get hurled through space to the far side of the galaxy, and suddenly your short trip turns into an epic journey for survival and to find a way to get back home. Welcome to The Long Journey Home, which feels a lot like the Oregon Trail in space. The Long Journey Home blends a combination of simulation, strategy, and exp...[Read More]

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