Episode Gladiolus – Did You Ever Wonder What Happened to Him?

In Episode Gladiolus, Final Fantasy XV players finally get to learn what happened when he disappeared for a time. On return, he came back a little worse for the wear. MMO’s Rob Lashley takes a look at Episode Gladiolus has a great preview of the new FFXV DLC with a few thoughts about what happened to him, though it does come with a SPOILER WARNING! Here’s a tiny snippet of w...[Read More]

It’s official, Destiny 2 is coming to PC and PS4, XB1 on September 8th

It’s official, Destiny 2 is coming to PC and PS4, XB1 on September 8th. Want to pre-order? Hit this page to get it set in stone! Like Destiny 1, players who preorder get to take part in a beta (Dates TBD). Destiny 2 is set to launch on September 8th worldwide too. Well, PC fans? Your wish is granted. Let’s make sure we support this thing so we get more MMOs again, eh? Destiny 2 is comi...[Read More]

Outcast Second Contact Unveils The First Trailer

Outcast – Second Contact is a complete remake of the original Outcast. Bigben Interactive and Appeal showed off the first trailer for the title. What’s Outcast – Second Contact about? In the near future, humanity finds it is not alone when US probe gets destroyed by the Adelpha’s natives. Additionally, this event triggers an energy cataclysm that threatens both Adelpha and ...[Read More]

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Takes the Fight to Mobile Devices

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed has been…unleashed…on the world for both iOS and Android devices. Nexon worked with Keoi Tecmo to bring out the latest game in the well-known series. Unleashing your inner Dynasty Warrior DWU brings back nearly 50 classic characters and sends them out to battle in both single- and multi-player modes. The game includes several different game types including: C...[Read More]

Wipeout Omega Collection coming June 6th to PS4

Announced via the PS Blog today, Wipeout’s big ol’ remix Omega Collection has a launch date and a brand new trailer. Wipeout Omega Collection coming June 6th to PS4, and it’s filled to the gills with content. From the blog: Yes, WipEout is back and coming to PlayStation 4 on June 6 with the WipEout Omega Collection, priced at $39.99 USD MSRP/$49.99 CAD MSRP. Featuring all the tra...[Read More]

All the Persona 5 DLC in One Handy Chart

Get ready… Persona 5 is about to launch, and after getting absolutely rave reviews, it’s bound to sell a ton of copies on the PS4 and PS3 next week. That said, in case Atlus was worried, there comes a ton of DLC too. Here’s a list their PR team sent out this AM of all the Persona 5 DLC in one handy chart. Names, dates, and prices are all within. Grok it! DLC Release Date Price Pe...[Read More]

Carver and Terry profiled in new Dragon Quest Heroes 2 trailer

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is nearing its launch, and to keep the hype building, Square-Enix is showing off more of its titular heroes with new trailers. This time , it’s all about the big galoot Carver, and the moody but eviscerating Terry. Check it out! Last week was all about Maribel and Ruff.  Carver and Terry profiled in new Dragon Quest Heroes 2 trailer. Carver and Terry profiled in new Dra...[Read More]

Beat Cop Shows Off Launch Trailer

Pixel Crow and 11 bit studios showed off launch trailer for Beat Cop. The game is now finally officially out. What’s up with Beat Cop? Players get to take on the role of a former detective Jack Kelly in 1986. He gets framed for murder and his life and career collapse due to it. This is his as well as players’ last chance to uncover the truth. Pick up some doughnuts and hit the streets ...[Read More]

Quake Champions Anarki profiled

Well, this may be the most EXTREME 1990’s styled name I’ve seen in a videogame since well, the 1990’s. Hell, the new character for Quake Champions, Anarki, even has a “tubular” hoverboard at his disposal. In all seriousness, this game looks great, but this guy? I’ll relish shooting him as often as I can. I’ll go out of my way, cost my team games, and just ...[Read More]

Good at Splatoon on WiiU? How’d you like to go to E3 2017?

Good at Splatoon on WiiU? How’d you like to go to E3 2017?  Battlefy and Nintendo are working together to host a big Splatoon tournament across different game modes in the Wii U shooter. Anyone over the age of 18 can compete, as long as you live in the US and own a Wii U and Splatoon. The winning team will get to attend E3 and be the special guest of Nintendo at the show for the Nintendo Swi...[Read More]

There are two kinds of wrestling game fans…

There are two kinds of wrestling game fans. Those that have discovered the Fire Pro Wrestling games and those that have not. Doing so is a risky endeavor. It recolors your view of what gameplay, a roster and especially AI in a wrestling game is in such a way that you may never be able to go back to main stream wrestling games! If you know Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (the latest Fire Pro game from w...[Read More]

Gwent PS4 Technical Beta to Get Underway This Weekend

Gwent PlayStation 4 fans rejoice! The technical beta for the card game based on The Witcher series will be running all weekend. From Friday, March 31st to Monday, April 3rd, the game will be available for download and play. Gwent lets you revist your Witcher buddies Geralt’s favorite game first appeared in the Witcher series and is a card game between two people. Cards feature familiar chara...[Read More]

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