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Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunters Take Center Stage in Red Dead Online

It’s another big week for Red Dead Online and Bounty Hunters. There are some sweet, sweet bonuses available for all those who choose to track down some of the game’s most nefarious villain...

Red Dead Online

Lots of New Year Goodness Comes to Red Dead Online

It’s a new year and nothing says “happy” like diving back into Red Dead Online. This week, Rockstar is making it worth everyone’s while by providing players with a number of bo...

Rockstar holidays

Rockstar Brings Holiday Cheer to GTAO & Red Dead Online

There are only a couple of days left until the holidays kick off in force and Rockstar has brought cheer to both GTAO and Red Dead Online. Players in both games will find lots to see and do in both ga...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters Score Big This Week

This week is another huge one for Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online. Those fulfilling that role will have a number of ways to earn some serious cash and XP throughout the week. Activities include a ne...

Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunter Role Expands in Red Dead Online

With this week’s update, Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters have even more to do and bigger challenges ahead of them. With the latest patch, those pursuing the Bounty Hunter role will have ten new P...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Standalone Version Announced

Rockstar has some fantastic news for cowpokes lookin’ for some rootin’ tootin’ action against and in cooperation with others. Developers have announced that Red Dead Online will be s...

Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunters & Collectors Score Big in Red Dead Online

It’s another big week for Red Dead Online with Bounty Hunters and Collectors gaining some big bonuses. There are also some free collectibles, offers, and rewards for RDO players to track down as...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Hands Bonuses to Traders & Moonshiners

Rockstar has announced a nice series of bonuses for two of the roles available in Red Dead Online. Both Traders and Moonshiners will be able to leverage these bonuses to receive some sweet loot for th...

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