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Red Dead Online

Track Down Legendary Bears in Red Dead Online This Week

Budding Red Dead Online Naturalists will want to check into the game this week for a chance to hunt Legendary Bears. Both the Owiza Bear and the Ridgeback Spirit Bear have made an appearance in-game a...

Red Dead Online

Go Ram Hunting in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online has been updated to bring a number of cool new activities to players as well as ways to earn Gold and even a free emote. In addition, several new things have been added to the in-game ...

Red Dead Online

Tip Your New Hat in Red Dead Online This Week

It’s a new week in Red Dead Online and, as usual, players have a ton of new things to check out including the new Legendary Shadow Buck Sighting Mission. In addition, players can leverage a numb...

Red Dead Online

Go Gator Hunting in Red Dead Online This Week

Rockstar is continuing to add new things for budding Naturalists to do in Red Dead Online. This week is no exception with a new Legendary Animal to track down and either capture for Harriet or to kill...

Red Dead Online

Two New Legendary Critters Arrive in Red Dead Online

Last week marked the debut of the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit in Red Dead Online. Naturalists, as the name implies, are experts in the game‘s fauna and are charged by one of two NPCs to head out...

Red Dead Online

The Naturalist is the New Frontier Pursuit in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players with a bent towards the fauna in the game will be happy to hear that the Naturalist is the new Frontier Pursuit just added to Red Dead Online. As the name implies, the Naturali...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Players Enjoy a Bevy of Bonuses This Week

This week is a big one for Red Dead Online players who like to leverage bonuses and discounts while playing their favorite shoot ’em up. Throughout the week, a number of bonuses are active as we...

Red Dead Online

New Showdown Maps Mosey into Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players who are spoiling for a fight will definitely want to check in this week to try out four brand new Showdown maps in the Featured Series. Each map challenges players to take on o...

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