Injustice 2 Brings Forth Scarecrow

NetherRealm published a new trailer showing off the latest character to join the ranks of villains in Injustice 2. Welcome Scarecrow! Injustice 2 will hit the market on May 16th for PS4 and Xbox One. Players can pre-order the game on the official site.

Scarecrow joins the bad guys in Injustice 2

The game is a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Players can expect to find a collection of their favorite superheroes as well as supervillains and pitch them against one another.

Scarecrow plays on the fears of the unknown to inflict terror on his victims. An anarchist obsessed with using chemistry and psychology to spread and study fear. He joins the Society in order to sow panic on a global scale.

You can find out more about him on the official site of the game. Check out the trailer above to see some of his moves in action. Spooky!

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